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Does anyone see the contradiction here that mercury in amalgams is bad, but putting it in shots is okay? (It was also removed from mascara too — apparently it’s bad near your eyes.)

When is this going to start making sense?  Thimerosal wasn’t taken out of vaccines back in 2000; new shots with that same amount of thimerosal were just no longer manufactured. Doctors were allowed to continue to use up their stock until they expired so children born/vaccinated years later still received thimerosal. It’s also still in the flu shot that pregnant women, children, and elderly are given.

Now maybe insurance companies will start covering porcelain fillings 100% instead of 60-80% because amalgams are cheaper and therefore 100% covered. If amalgams are bad, it makes sense, right? Then again, what makes sense (removing mercury from shots if it can’t be in your mouth, your mascara, or even your dog vaccines) isn’t always what’s done.

Yesterday’s rally was amazing. I wasn’t there, but I keep reading about it and the 4 minute video on CNN is nothing short of fantastic. Jim Carrey’s words about ‘too many, too soon,’ and clarifying, repeatedly, that we aren’t anti-vaccine, we just want safe vaccines, had to get some serious attention.

It’s great that finally the fact that mercury is BAD is getting mainstream focus from a major agency like the FDA. It’s a shame it took so long, and so many of us exposed our children to this. We have choices though — we know mercury is bad, and we need to stand up for our kids and not expose them to questionable toxins. (And by questionable, formaldehyde, ether and antifreeze are still in current vaccines, so if those aren’t questionable by way of being poisonous, what is?)



Turn on the news right now, and you’ll probably hear about it. CNN had a great piece about autism and the story of Hannah Poling and her family. Here’s a link to a blog about it: Paging Dr. Gupta.

Another article, this one from Georgia Girl, 9, Helps Link Vaccines to Autism Cause.

And perhaps my favorite one of the day, from Couric & Co., CBSNews: Autism: Why the Debate Rages. If you read no other article, read this one. Share it.

Yes, there’s no definitive proof saying “vaccines cause autism.” However, this latest story has got to give people pause. Me? I think children with autism are genetically pre-disposed and vaccines contribute to their autism. At this point, how much longer can it take before it’s pure common sense to re-visit the vaccine schedule to space it out longer and remove any toxins from it? And to remove thimerasol, an unnecessary preservative, from flu shots and other vaccines? (It’s already mainly out of typical childhood vaccines, but those are not the only vaccines, a common misconception.) With the amount of concern, even without proof, why can’t things be changed?

I know, a mind-boggling, head-banging trillion dollar question.

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