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When I picked up ds aka Barnacle Boy from school, he walked out of the gate, in his “I feel naked in this” Tony Hawk tank top and shorts, sporting a face that said he was upset but didn’t want it to be immediately obvious, only slightly obvious. On the brisk walk to the car (which happened to be down the road and across the street…long story that maybe I’ll convey later) he explained how upset he was with this particular girl in his class. Let me preface that by saying the girl does bully him, it’s been reported, and it’s being handled. Yet, looks like she’s either really sneaky, getting away with it somehow around his aide’s increased supervision, or he’s exaggerating. Hard to say.

Anyway…we get to the car, and on the one-minute drive home, his speech is coming faster and faster. We make it home, and he continues. I warn him that he’s dangerously close to his five-minute limit on complaints about a specific topic, and he continues, taking every possible second to get it out of his system. Then, BOOM. It hit the fan. Just as dh walks in the door after picking up my car (my new car, mind you, which needed a new windshield already) and the bank (we’re attempting an out-of-state move, so property has been chosen but needs to be bought)  to hear ds explode in anger. It escalated to self-injurious behavior and overall, it was a good hour to calm him down.

And, it was out of the blue. He’s been better lately, at least in terms of this type of meltdown. He still gets upset, but social/control issues have taken top billing lately. His headaches virtually disappeared when he was out of school and on vacation, but he had one yesterday and is reporting one now.

He’s still not okay, but dh has it under control. He just sat with him while he did his one homework assignment, and we gave him some pain reliever. So why am I blogging right now? I’m completely and totally unnecessary at this moment, other than getting dinner finished. And I’m okay with that. I do Meltdown Control, referred to as “MC” in the future, every day until he gets home. Fortunately, he’s home early, able to pick up BB from school, and be here the rest of the night with him. They look pretty darn cute cuddling on the couch, and I’m darn happy to let them stay that way. MC is exhausting.

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