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…and he rocked it!

I’m not surprised…not to sound like woohoo, isn’t my child so smart, but he’s been complaining about being bored and telling me math facts on the way home from school. He also got his state testing scores back and was exemplary, though just on the high edge of ‘middle’ for science. No surprise there either, it’s not his favorite topic.

Whenever we talk to any school staff, whether it’s for an issue or just an update, we hear that he’s wonderful in the academic setting. Yes, that is an awesome thing, and yes, it’s reassuring, but that’s only half of school.

Anyway, before I digress into my concerns about the phonecalls/incidents last week — Did I even blog about them? It’s a blur — I’ll just stay on topic. It’s better for my impending migraine. BB was thrilled with his grades, and I got a chance to make sure he’s being tested for GATE, if he wasn’t already. I don’t want a pesky diagnosis changing his possibilities. If they want to treat him like anyone else, it stands for the positive things, too. Luckily his teacher gets that.

We’ve had to change his homework routine. Now, he is back to doing it as soon as he gets home, after his snack, and before he gets on the computer. Once he’s on there, it’s hard to get him off. But, he’s learning more HTML daily, and now CFrame. He’s even got a couple of mentors, and he’s making some amazing things. So, for those who think computers aren’t good for kids, yeah, you’re right, being well-rounded is ideal, but a career in computers isn’t too shabby. (Ask me, it sure pays the bills.)

He should be starting soccer in the next few weeks, and by then, it’ll be cooler aka tolerable enough to go outside for more than five minutes without needing a change of clothing.

I’ll try to get back to more exciting updates in the future. It’s probably a good thing that there’s not much exciting to discuss, but there are many days I call it just boring. We really need to get out more.

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