Autism Watch: 2007

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Long story short, apparently ds was playing with a little girl who took the game further, without his knowledge, and told a group of boys, her friends, boys my son did not know, and told them to ‘chase the bad guy,’ with my son being the ‘bad guy,’ and to ‘put him in jail,’ jail being the bathroom. Ds still doesn’t understand it, doesn’t know how it went from playing to that, or any relation between the two, and the little girl got mad at him because she was called to the principal’s office to explain.

So, while I’m very thankful it wasn’t a true bullying experience, I do have to get my son to understand that sometimes more goes on than meets the eye.

In speaking with admin, I was again impressed. They took it seriously, acted immediately, and handled it immediately. The kids were all told that touching is wrong, no matter what kind, pushing/shoving into a bathroom, or pushing/shoving, period, is wrong, and that the minute someone says ‘no,’ and infers they don’t want to play, they need to be let go. (In this case, they should have let him go when he yelled ‘no’ because he never realized it was a ‘game.’) Ds was encouraged to continue to seek help if necessary, and they stressed that he was not in trouble, he did the right thing by seeking help and telling admin. I don’t want him seen as the boy who cried wolf, and she assured me this wasn’t the case, because she did need to know that the boys, particularly so many, were not following playground guidelines and respect towards classmates.

So…PHEW. Not nearly as bad as it initially sounded. It’s amazing what one piece of the puzzle can do — everything he told me was true, everything, except the missing piece of the puzzle that explained the why, which was that they listened to the girl and chased him as part of the game.

I’m glad it’s a weekend. 😉

And to everyone who wrote me or posted — THANK YOU. It’s so wonderful knowing there’s such a caring group out there, people who understand. My best to you for a good weekend.

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