Autism Watch: 2007

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Wow. Autistic children are being kicked out of church, restaurants, school, airplanes, and now the Girl Scouts? Girl Scouts Reject Girl With Autism (ABC News)      ADA anyone? I could share my feelings on how everything else in the world is protected, down to protecting me from harassment if I choose a blue tube of toothpaste over a green one, but discriminating against invisible disabilities is fair game and legal….but I’ll spare you and myself. After all, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m grateful that our kids are still allowed to go to the dentist and doctor’s office, no one’s been kicked out of there yet, right?

UNC Autism Study Expanded  (Orange MyNC)   I’m all for studies that don’t try to blame someone but rather look into something that helps for early intervention.

How to Prepare Students With Autism to Succeed in College    Good advice, though honestly, the thought of planning for college right now seems difficult. I just want him to be successful in the second grade.

Autistic Boy Hopes to Get Missing Parrot Back  I realize this isn’t ‘news’ in the same sense the above links are, but someone out there, have a heart. Give the kid his parrot back. 

Florida Teacher Who Let Students Kick Autistic Child Out of Class Suspended   Can you say “it’s about time?”

And more on the above: Mom Claims Teacher Abused Boy  I don’t even know what to say.

Lots of stories out there too about new programs, new schools….my selfish Thanksgiving wish? That something will open up in my black hole of autism schools in Southern California, a school that’s affordable and close enough for my little guy to attend. We can always hope, right?

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