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I probably should have posted this already, but the whole church restraining order got to me too much. But, now that I’ve ranted, here’s why I haven’t updated recently. I was on a business trip to NYC last week, and I had a blast. (Should I feel guilty? I left dh home with all four kids and all the associated issues, and there was a day I didn’t even call home!)

I was a bit worried about it initially. My husband leaves for work very early, so it would require my older two teens getting the younger two up each morning and out the door. Ds wakes up early, and he is high-maintenance all morning long. Once he’s at school, the coast is clear but if his routine is disturbed on his way out the door, all hell can break loose. I had to leave explicit instructions on things — for example, how to make his lunch. A paper bag with his name on it. Two juice boxes, only of a certain flavor, not the other kinds, leave those for dd. Use four separate baggies, and fill three with snacks of specific varieties, rotating and putting just so much in each. The sandwich is white/wheat bread with a bunch of turkey and mustard, no cheese. Use the Pampered Chef sandwich cutter to cut off the crusts and make it like an Uncrustable. Put one juicebox and all the food in a bag. Fold over three times. Put a staple in each corner, with room in the middle for him to tear the bag open. Phew. And that’s just lunch.

I pre-made his pancakes and cookies before I left, so breakfast is simply re-heating. Cut them before you put on syrup, stacked perfectly together. His “coffee” (chocolate almond milk) must be in a certain cup at the same time.

Dh picked him up from school daily, and they had fun evenings — ds got homework done early in the week, and they played Guitar Hero a lot, played tetherball, and things went well. He did try to escape his therapy on Tuesday, and Friday was rough, resulting in him breaking a special ceramic box his sister had made him (painted with puzzle pieces and an autism ribbon) a couple of years ago, which I’m sure hurt her feelings. He loved that box, so I know he had to be pretty mad for that to happen. I woke him up Friday night when I returned, and though he was half-asleep, he smiled so big, it was definitely worth it.

The weekend went well, and he’s been oh so compliant, it’s almost scary. His attention span is still short, but when he finds something he really wants to do, he can focus for a longer period of time. He’s fascinated with building block towers and playing with rubber bugs lately, and I am SO thrilled. Anything new, anything with imagination, I’ll gladly step over piles of toys all over my house. Gladly. That giggle? Best sound in the world, ever.

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