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I was cruising around the net this morning for news of activities in honor of World Autism Day, and found an article that I was sure had to be an April Fool’s day prank. (In fact, the timing of it still makes me wonder, even though it’s purported to be serious.) If you haven’t yet visited AAP’s site, and proclamation that they have met with DAN! representatives to understand Defeat Autism Now treatments and interventions better, it may just be the best thing you read any time soon. Oh, and they also recognize World Autism Day.

CNN has special broadcasting all day today. I’m watching now and unless Bernanke’s economics speech has something to do with autism, I guess it’s not a marathon of autism segments, but I’m not changing the channel. (And I actually learned something that I probably wouldn’t have cared about much before, until I try to sell my home or fill up my gas tank.) On CNN’s home page, you’ll find a link to Autism: Unraveling the Mystery, quite an inclusive list of videos and news articles about autism and those it effects. It showcases adults with autism, parents of autistic children, doctors, vaccine controversy, Jenny McCarthy..and the list goes on. Even if you don’t have time to read/watch it all today, share the link. Put it in your sig line. It could be the easiest autism advocacy/awareness effort you’ll do.

You can buy autism awareness bracelets at numerous sites in my blog list — TACA, National Autism Association, Generation Rescue, and so forth. Maybe today is the day I should wear my “Autism: It’s no mystery, it’s mercury” t-shirt? (Would that tick off the doctor I have to see this morning to refill my migraine medications? Do I dare risk it? A migraine is pretty painful and puts me out of commission for days……) If nothing else, slap an autism awareness ribbon on your car and be prepared to tell the approaching strangers (who will come, I promise) where you bought it. And oops, leave some of your autism education cards in public places. There’s not a better day to deluge the world that autism is here, it’s not going away, and we all need help.

Julie’s Health Club: Where Alternative and Mainstream Health Meet  (Chicago Tribune)  Great recovery stories, or just encouragement and information about biomedical treatment.

 Autism: The Musical (NYTimes)   A must-see! (And a must-read.)

Arizona OKs Insurance Mandate for Autism Coverage  ( Why can’t every state head in this direction? Oh, yeah, right, costs money!

Workshops to inform police and safety officers about autism risk management ( Now if only every county/state required this of their first responders.

It’s amazing to me today that the vast numbers of children who are not the same after the vaccines are simply ignored by the CDC and doctors who say there is no credible reason proof that vaccines contribute to autism. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT GOING TO TAKE??

I watched Dr. Jerry Kartzinel on TV this morning — I wish I could have a transcript of his explanation about vaccines and just repeat it to anyone who refuses to at least look at stats and educate themselves on the real ingredients in vaccines, or to at least be on board with understanding why other parents want vaccines redone. His words explain it like no other, and makes sense. It makes SENSE.

 We parents know our children. We can tell when they’re one way on one day, and then an entirely different child from a vaccine (or vaccines) and beyond. How is that not proof that there is something going on? Why are we not credible enough to believe? If it was just a few of us, that’d be one thing, but we’re talking thousands upon thousands upon thousands. Numbers like that can’t be ignored…yet we are.

One child out of 150 children — 1 out of 94 boys — is on the autism spectrum. Something is causing that. There’s no such thing as a genetic epidemic, and these are kids that for the most part, were developing normally (maybe with some eccentricities) until a certain age. With these numbers, it IS an epidemic. If these kids were dying, something would be done. The public outcry would be horrible. But because they’re simply dealing with communication, behavioral, sensory and social issues, it’s not worth it. (I say that with much, much sarcasm.)

I don’t need something else to get upset about. It’s been a rough day already — but how can I not? What’s it going to take? How can these doctors stand up there on tv or say anywhere publicly that vaccines are safe, all kids should get them all, and we need to do them to prevent mass illnesses..that’s saying that my son, and any other child out there with autism, is an acceptable casualty. Who is willing for their child to be the acceptable casualty?

I’m not, and I will join the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of other parents who know that our children being fine before a vaccine, but never the same after, is not okay. It’s not a coincidence. Stats this high aren’t coincidence. It’s not paranoia. It’s not trying to blame something. It’s fact — toxins are not good for our children, and there are toxins in vaccines. Fact is also that vaccines can be made safely, and given on a better schedule. Why wouldn’t everyone be okay with that? Oh, yeah, money. It’s all about the dollar…and we’ll just leave us parents to foot the bill for their vaccine-damaged children.

I almost can’t watch the news on it anymore. Few newscasts are unbiased, and there’s always one doctor who has to refute it….yet there is no definitive proof that it doesn’t contribute to autism either. You don’t hear that on the news, do you?

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten really caught up in the news of the day re: autism. I’ve spent too much time reading about the court case and which politician is going to do something for the cause of autism. Not that it’s not good reading, but I have to remind myself, it’s not the big picture. Technically, for the world at large, it is the big picture. But for parents of autistic kids, the big picture is daily life with our child; it’s keeping our child safe and happy each day. It’s attending therapy appointments, IEPs, going to the school or answering school phonecalls. It’s buying and making special food. It’s researching what supplement does what, or what new equipment we can buy to help supplement occupational therapy at home. It’s cuddling our child when he gets upset, or tending to a boo-boo without overwhelming him. It’s bathing and brushing teeth in the regular routine, getting haircuts without sending him over the edge, and paving the path for shopping trips and other unknowns. That’s the big picture.

I’ll continue to read the news, to state my opinion that vaccines contribute to autism (in a way that will eventually come to light more than now) and I’ll keep researching who to vote until election day is over with. But, I won’t let it overtake the big picture, my focus, my priority. I think sometimes we tend to get so caught up in fixing our kids, we forget to enjoy them and handle them as they are.

Turn on the news right now, and you’ll probably hear about it. CNN had a great piece about autism and the story of Hannah Poling and her family. Here’s a link to a blog about it: Paging Dr. Gupta.

Another article, this one from Georgia Girl, 9, Helps Link Vaccines to Autism Cause.

And perhaps my favorite one of the day, from Couric & Co., CBSNews: Autism: Why the Debate Rages. If you read no other article, read this one. Share it.

Yes, there’s no definitive proof saying “vaccines cause autism.” However, this latest story has got to give people pause. Me? I think children with autism are genetically pre-disposed and vaccines contribute to their autism. At this point, how much longer can it take before it’s pure common sense to re-visit the vaccine schedule to space it out longer and remove any toxins from it? And to remove thimerasol, an unnecessary preservative, from flu shots and other vaccines? (It’s already mainly out of typical childhood vaccines, but those are not the only vaccines, a common misconception.) With the amount of concern, even without proof, why can’t things be changed?

I know, a mind-boggling, head-banging trillion dollar question.

My favorite? Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court-Now What? (Huffington Post)

Already, people who don’t believe that thimerasol could be even one cause of autism are denying the credibility, but does that even matter at this point? The word is out. Others are reading and learning, wondering and researching. The truth that there is a relation is slowly making its way out, and it’s too late to stop it now.

Autism is caused by a toxin; put a toxin in a young body that’s genetically predisposed to being affected by it, and autism is one thing that could happen. Why is that so hard to understand? Add in that thimerasol is sub-form of mercury, a toxin, and it was in vaccines up through the early 2000s, and that should make it even easier to understand. It’s also in flu shots. Still. The same flu shots that doctors suggest all children, elderly and many pregnant women get. Even if it doesn’t cause autism, why is it in anything that can be put in a human body, particularly when it’s no longer in dog vaccinations or mascara, and we’re told to not eat too much fish because it has mercury in it?

And this one is just scary: CBS5 Investigates: Woman Promises Autism Cure  Do doctors ever promise a cure? Are they ever supposed to? Mighty expensive cure, and if there’s a real ‘cure,’ why doesn’t the rest of the world know it? Why isn’t it available to everyone, at a price people can afford?

Autism’s Origins: Mother’s Antibody Production May Affect Fetal Brain: Interesting theory, and I like how it mentions if a child was pre-disposed, as well as this just being another trigger or cause, not THE reason for autism.  (Science Daily)

Lots of stuff going on in the world of autism. I wish I could translate that into some immediate help though, too — I’ve got a little guy who wets himself numerous times daily. Finding what causes autism is only part of the problem.

Are We Poisoning Our Kids?

No words are necessary to explain this  — the ad does it all. (Vaccine, mercury, autism…those are probably the words I’d use if I had to.)

 Thanks, Generation Rescue. Awesome ad. Awesome.

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