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Another year at the L.A. County Fair, another bundle of  money gone. More tired feet.

Another great visit. But, the stroller, lots of time to wander and not be in a hurry, and money to buy the snacks that keep him happy were the keys to success. If you’re going, stop by an AT&T store and get discounted tickets. You can keep the ticket stubs to purchase unlimited ride wristbands for $35. Well worth it. We spent 2-3 hours wandering from ride to ride. Ds only ran off once, in a major angry huff, when the ride guy (what do you call a person that scans the wristbands or cards when the kids line up for a ride?) couldn’t get his scanner to read ds’s band. Ds ran off, opposite direction. No clue to us, who couldn’t see him through the crowd, only dd standing there, already inside the gate, arms up with a terrified look on her face. I’m really glad I work out on a treadmill! 😉  It was hot, and I dashed really quick to catch him before he got too far, in the opposite direction, where we’d been standing prior to that particular ride. Between screams and growls and the word “cranky,” I got the story, took him back to the ride where dh grilled the guy (who ended up apologizing for the way he handled it) and instructed dd to let him get on first so that never happened again…and then I, of course, didn’t go more than 3′ away on any other ride!

He handled not winning the huge stuffed Pikachu in a game pretty darn well, though he did ask for it repeatedly. We shopped, and he had to have one of the wooden croaking frogs. If you spend any time at the fair in the Pavilions shopping halls, you’ll know what I’m talking about. (Don’t pay $120 for the jumbo one at the booth by the hot tub booth — there’s a place selling it for $20 in the Pavilions, bldg 3 or 4 I think?)

Dippin’ Dots were a new experience, one that really puzzled him. Round ice cream. Hmmmm. And he devoured a bunch of ribs. Devoured. And he seemed inordinately happy to watch dd get her eyes pierced with a third hole. (Was that a smile when she grimaced? Yes, I think it was!)

It was a good day. 10am-9:30pm, our shortest visit ever. No furniture, rugs or equipment to tote home, just various smaller items, including a bag full of Gamecube, DS and Wii games we found at a building in the back. Score! You can guess what he’s been doing since.

Tomorrow night is Back-to-School night. He’s very excited about us seeing his work. So are we! (Well,’s only been 3.5 weeks, and I’m already there daily. Dh, otoh, hasn’t seen the classroom yet, and with an IEP coming up, I really look forward to him meeting the teacher. I think it’s critical teachers are aware that they have two involved, interested and cooperative parents.) School today was good again — he’s got a friend in his class, who also likes Pokemon, and, shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but a girl that he likes, and likes him back! Things are good.

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