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Wow, has it hit the fan this week! I can’t think of a more politically correct way to say it that wouldn’t make me censor my own blog. Jenny McCarthy’s hitting a nerve, and as we all know, words are like peroxide — you can pour it all over your body, but it will only sting where there’s an open wound. You can call me fatty or smelly or stupid, but it’ll only bother me if I am fat, if I smell, or if I am indeed stupid. So when Jenny is out there saying that we want safer vaccines and people are getting mad, I have to wonder, why?

Safe vaccines. There, I said it. It’s really simple. There’s no ‘anti-‘ in that — there’s simply the word safe. Why is that so hard to understand? Why fight it?

Let’s make up a scenario. We have a baby, we begin injecting it with toxins (such as aluminium over 10x the recommended safe amount for a newborn) in the first few days after birth, and proceed to give it another 30 or so vaccines by the age of two. We don’t do any tests to see if the child’s got a weakened immune system and could get sick from any ingredients in the vaccines, we just figure we’ll prevent our child from measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc. Our doctor says it could happen, so it must be true! Then a couple of years later, we wonder why our child’s losing speech, constantly having rashes or diarrhea, and is banging his head on the floor while pulling out his eyelashes and screaming when you move his line of toys or screeching when you turn on your overhead fluorescent light. Oh, wait, that’s not a scenario, that’s real. Let me do the fake scenario.

So here goes, the futuristic scenario: people open their eyes and realize that even if there really is not 100% guarantee that autism is caused by vaccines, having safer vaccines can’t hurt. Formaldehyde, ether, aluminum, thimerasol, and aborted fetal tissue is removed from the vaccines and, sit down, the VACCINES STILL WORK.  These vaccines continue to decrease the risk their child will get a fever from chicken pox or itchy from the measles, and decrease the risk that polio will return. One thing that may happen is that the insurance companies or the parent may pay more of a co-pay towards the vaccine. Or, here’s the shocker, major pharmaceutical companies, one of the most profitable yet protected (immune, ironically, if you’ll pardon the pun) industries in the world, may make a few dollars less. But the big change? The risks related to these vaccines — the numbers printed on the inserts of vaccines, that every parent should be reading already — will decrease. Less children will be suffering seizures, swelling, infections, dying. Pretty significant, wouldn’t you think?

Those of us who are “Jenny Followers” do so proudly. She’s saying what we’ve wanted to say for years but we just aren’t celebrity enough to get the attention. She’s spent weeks with doctors and renowned scientists learning facts about vaccines, illnesses, autism, diet, nutrition, etc. She’s simply the messenger. (In fact, I’d venture to say that Amanda Peet, the “other” side of the current argumental coin, is just a messenger, too…but she volunteered for the role, whereas Jenny was thrust into it by her son’s autism. Jenny’s lived the life, Amanda’s learning it secondhand. Jenny’s been doing it for a while, Amanda’s brand new. So before I hear another person spout off “why are you listening to Jenny?” I want to know why they’re listening to Amanda Peet? She knows about as much about vaccines as any first time mother of a baby. Big deal.) I don’t care if Jenny was a nude juggler in a Martian circus act and speaks in gibberish. If she can get a point across, great. Pretty narrow-minded to think people are only worth listening to if they’ve got a medical degree.

Even if you don’t feel autism is related to vaccines, I honestly don’t care. I’m already neck-deep in autism and its side-effects, so I don’t expect you to understand. I’ve got friends that can’t even find two minutes to ask me how my son is doing, so I can live with a stranger who has a different opinion. But think about it, really think about it. If vaccines can be made without toxins, and the diseases are still prevented, WHY NOT? We want vaccines — we just want our child or your future child or grandchild or Godchild or friend’s child or niece or nephew to just not be the acceptable collateral damage that there are so many of today.

And essentially, that’s what my son is when you look at numbers and say “my son’s not autistic, and he was vaccinated.” Better me than you, right? Maybe my son has a weak immune system, or maybe he was genetically predisposed to autism in some other way, and maybe vaccines didn’t have anything to do with it, but why take the risk? No studies have ever been done, ever, to test the full load of all the current vaccines on small children. (Why? Who wants their child to be that guinea pig?)

Lastly, if that can be a real word for just now — don’t blame unvaccinated children for your illness. If your vaccine worked, you wouldn’t have any worries. Unvaccinated people are only at risk themselves if the vaccines really work. And truly, measles is a walk in the park compared to severe autism.

Don’t let the point of this latest issue on CNN and everywhere else be lost because you’re choosing between Jenny or Amanda or because you’re hung up on their lack of credentials or scientific proof. We all know formaldehyde, ether, aluminum, and other things aren’t in food or any other thing around your body (or your dog’s) because it’s not safe. So why does it belong in a vaccine? It doesn’t. Safe vaccines with a safe schedule harms NO ONE. That’s the point. Safe vaccines. If you remember nothing else in this fiasco, remember those two words: safe vaccines. That’s all we want.

The cause of autism is constantly being researched — part of me is glad, but part of me thinks they’re not spending enough time on what is already known, that vaccines and other toxins are contributing in some form. Still, I’m interested in reading about how “Autism Linked to Low Birth Weight, Preterm Birth” is being studied. Two out of my four kids were pre-term, one 5.5 weeks, and my autistic son was 3.5 weeks early. Neither is significantly pre-term in today’s age where 24 weekers live, but I wonder if it’s not more to do with the meds/vaccines assaulting their little bodies rather than just the birth weight/prematurity.

No updates on the Alex Barton case other than that the teacher was ‘reassigned.’ Who knows what that means. IMO, she should be placed on unpaid leave, or released entirely, but maybe ‘reassigned’ means she was given some filing job, hopefully at a lot less pay than her teaching position paid.

Autism: Searching for a Cause is a wonderful non-biased piece about the necessity of finding a cause, with rates what they are today. Worth a read, no matter what side of the vaccine/autism fence you fall on.

Does your autistic child like to use the computer? Great article here, short one, worth the read: The Associated Press: Grandfather builds web browser for autistic boy.

And my favorite news? Well, it’s not new, but since it’s about to occur tomorrow, read up: Green Our Vaccines rally. (I wish I’d been able to order this t-shirt. I SO want one. Know where I can still find one? I can’t make it to the rally myself, but I’ll be in DC in a few weeks…traveling from my little guy is not only difficult and hard on the family, taking him with me and then doing it again in a few weeks is completely not possible…oh, and I left him for 4 days last month already. Hard to do!) If they have to do this again, I will make it a mission to be there. I just hope this rally is televised on CNN. Visit the site at the link I shared. They aren’t anti-vaccine — they are SAFE vaccine. Our current vaccines are not safe. Formaldehyde and anti-freeze don’t belong in our childrens’ bodies, and too many at once could negate the positives of vaccination. Please read up on it without assuming we’re anti-vaccines. There IS a difference.


I was cruising around the net this morning for news of activities in honor of World Autism Day, and found an article that I was sure had to be an April Fool’s day prank. (In fact, the timing of it still makes me wonder, even though it’s purported to be serious.) If you haven’t yet visited AAP’s site, and proclamation that they have met with DAN! representatives to understand Defeat Autism Now treatments and interventions better, it may just be the best thing you read any time soon. Oh, and they also recognize World Autism Day.

CNN has special broadcasting all day today. I’m watching now and unless Bernanke’s economics speech has something to do with autism, I guess it’s not a marathon of autism segments, but I’m not changing the channel. (And I actually learned something that I probably wouldn’t have cared about much before, until I try to sell my home or fill up my gas tank.) On CNN’s home page, you’ll find a link to Autism: Unraveling the Mystery, quite an inclusive list of videos and news articles about autism and those it effects. It showcases adults with autism, parents of autistic children, doctors, vaccine controversy, Jenny McCarthy..and the list goes on. Even if you don’t have time to read/watch it all today, share the link. Put it in your sig line. It could be the easiest autism advocacy/awareness effort you’ll do.

You can buy autism awareness bracelets at numerous sites in my blog list — TACA, National Autism Association, Generation Rescue, and so forth. Maybe today is the day I should wear my “Autism: It’s no mystery, it’s mercury” t-shirt? (Would that tick off the doctor I have to see this morning to refill my migraine medications? Do I dare risk it? A migraine is pretty painful and puts me out of commission for days……) If nothing else, slap an autism awareness ribbon on your car and be prepared to tell the approaching strangers (who will come, I promise) where you bought it. And oops, leave some of your autism education cards in public places. There’s not a better day to deluge the world that autism is here, it’s not going away, and we all need help.

I think the cat is out of the bag. Even people who don’t know a lot about autism are hearing the word “recovery” and wondering about mercury, vaccines and biomedical therapy. Today my husband brought home the latest People magazine with Jenny McCarthy and her son, Evan, on the cover. I hadn’t read but three sentences and I needed a tissue. Maybe it’s my migraine. Maybe it’s the vicodin I took for my migraine. Or maybe it’s just finally sinking in that autism and recovery and hope are becoming more mainstream.

 If you haven’t read the article yet, it’s well-worth the time. My copy of her book, “Louder Than Words” hasn’t yet arrived (who knew Target would have it on their front shelf, so I ordered) so I’ve not read it yet — it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, and I will be up late reading it all night Monday. I expect to be tired on Tuesday, but more encouraged.

This past week, my son’s been a different kid. We’re ecstatic and hoping it lasts. What simple, small change did we make? I’ll update tomorrow. I only wish I’d done it sooner.

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