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Lately, in the firestorm of arguments about mercury contributing to vaccine, new vaccines being put on the schedule, states considering making vaccines mandatory, I’m seeing pro-vaccine parents becoming more and more vocal. So many thoughts on that, where to start. I undoubtedly will muddle my words and my thoughts, but here goes.

I often hear pro-vaccine parents saying that the risks of the vaccines are worth it, to protect their children from diseases. But what about that 1 in 150 children who IS the child who has the side-effect? As long as that 1 child in 150 vastly affected by the vaccines is not their own child, the risk is worth it? Does that make my child’s autism acceptable damage? Who is anyone to make that choice for someone else?

If someone wants to vaccinate, why the need to persuade the rest of us to do so? Why not just vaccinate without the need to defend it? We’re not taking your vaccines away. Those who us who don’t want to vaccinate have the number one goal of making vaccines safer and not injecting toxins into our children, not tell pro-vaccine parents what to do. Such a glaring difference between the sides.

I’ve heard the words ‘collateral damage’ a lot lately in regards to the children who are affected by vaccines. When is damaging any child, any human, in the name of saving others acceptable? Shouldn’t we be aiming for no collateral damage, instead of accepting the numbers and being glad it’s someone else’s child? If we know that we can make vaccines without the garbage that’s toxic, why isn’t that a priority? Is your money better spent on Starbucks than paying a few more dollars for a safer version of a vaccine?

Greening our vaccines is a goal that will help all of us. No child/human should be injected with formaldehyde, ether, antifreeze, mercury, or anything else that’s toxic. If a product can’t be in our food, in our makeup, or in pet vaccines, should it be in a vaccine? Greening our vaccines will still give all the pro-vaccine parents the choice to vaccinate. Nothing we ‘green vaccine’ parents wants is going to hurt anyone else, yet the potential for harm if the vaccines aren’t changed is vast and WILL hurt people. It HAS hurt people. It’s CONTINUING to hurt people.

Pro-vaccine parents need to understand that those of us who don’t want to vaccinate with the current vaccines are not anti-vaccine. We are pro-SAFE-vaccine. There is a huge difference between the two. HUGE. We want to continue to eradicate disease; we want to keep people safe and healthy; we want to offer immunity (as much as is possible) from diseases that could maim and kill. We don’t want our children to be collateral damage to that cause. Our children didn’t sign up to be the poster children for vaccines so the collective “we” can say “Yeah, but at least less people have measles this year. Phew, glad my child dodged the autism bullet.”

Everyone needs to realize that any time they give their child a vaccine, they are potentially going to cause their child to be THE one in 150 who will get autism or some other illness. Not all our children are genetically pre-disposed to have that happen, but it’s like playing Russian Roulette. Who knows if their child will be THE one? Is it worth that risk? Those who usually say it is don’t have a child with seizures, or with autism, or with some other illness/injury that has negatively impacted their life, and may never go away. Things change, irreversibly, when your child isn’t potty-trained, bites himself, can’t talk, has to wear headphones to leave the house…the list goes on.

My favorite comment of all: “Unvaccinated children put mine <vaccinated children> at risk.” Hmmm, this one’s so easy, I really don’t get why people still say that anymore. IF vaccines worked, why would an unvaccinated child be of any risk to a vaccinated person? Yeah, I know, I puzzle over that, too.

Pro-vaccine parents often say ‘but there’s no definitive proof it causes autism.’ Newsflash, there is definitive proof that mercury is unhealthy. There is definitive proof that ether, formaldehyde, and antifreeze are unhealthy. The bottom line is, even if these things don’t cause autism on their own, they have no place in vaccines. If mercury is not safe in fish…in mascara…in pet vaccines…it is not safe in a flu shot. The fact remains that the autism rates have risen exponentially, and so have the number of ‘mandatory’ vaccines. It doesn’t take a genius to say that it deserves further consideration. Studies done 10 years ago don’t relate to today, as today’s world, the generation of children born in 1999-2001, the children who got 500x the number of mercury deemed safe for a 300 lb adult, who are newly diagnosed, or not yet diagnosed got a lot more shots than when studies were done. And the list is continuing to grow if agencies have their way.

We want a cleaner environment. We use less-toxic cleaning products in our home, vehicles with less emissions, we recycle and do any number of other things to green our homes and conserve the environment. Our children, born/unborn, diagnosed/undiagnosed, deserve no less. If you shop for anything safer for your home, your car, your life, why not consider greener/safer vaccines? And if not, don’t bash my choice. Just don’t imply my child is acceptable collateral damage. There is no such thing.

I’m not big into politics. I’ll admit that freely. I vote, and I have a lot of opinions, but discussing politics is not an interest of mine. However, in the year of a political campaign, it’s hard not to be sucked into it. I don’t yet know who I stand behind, but I do know that I want someone who has a good, solid plan to get our troops out of Iraq, that I want someone who’s going to rebound the economy without me being penalized because I’m a two-income family (silly me to want my tax dollars to benefit my own family) and that I want someone who takes the needs of children seriously. Along with taking children seriously is the whole business of autism, vaccines, thimerasol, etc. I want someone in office who actually follows-through with what he promises. (Refer back to my prior post where I mention Bush’s ‘promise’…and I use that term loosely because I guess in his eyes, promise has a different definition than the norm.) So, while I’m excited that John McCain is big into the removal of thimerasol now, I’m still somewhat skeptical, and even if he was going to be our next president, it’s far too early to get excited. Still, seeing it as a topic of discussion is intriguing.

Anyway, for the whole story, check out: Political Punch  (ABC News)

If you check out you’ll see a lot of good info on questionnaires they sent the candidates. Very enlightening information…but still a bunch of political promises.

My favorite? Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court-Now What? (Huffington Post)

Already, people who don’t believe that thimerasol could be even one cause of autism are denying the credibility, but does that even matter at this point? The word is out. Others are reading and learning, wondering and researching. The truth that there is a relation is slowly making its way out, and it’s too late to stop it now.

Autism is caused by a toxin; put a toxin in a young body that’s genetically predisposed to being affected by it, and autism is one thing that could happen. Why is that so hard to understand? Add in that thimerasol is sub-form of mercury, a toxin, and it was in vaccines up through the early 2000s, and that should make it even easier to understand. It’s also in flu shots. Still. The same flu shots that doctors suggest all children, elderly and many pregnant women get. Even if it doesn’t cause autism, why is it in anything that can be put in a human body, particularly when it’s no longer in dog vaccinations or mascara, and we’re told to not eat too much fish because it has mercury in it?

And this one is just scary: CBS5 Investigates: Woman Promises Autism Cure  Do doctors ever promise a cure? Are they ever supposed to? Mighty expensive cure, and if there’s a real ‘cure,’ why doesn’t the rest of the world know it? Why isn’t it available to everyone, at a price people can afford?

Autism’s Origins: Mother’s Antibody Production May Affect Fetal Brain: Interesting theory, and I like how it mentions if a child was pre-disposed, as well as this just being another trigger or cause, not THE reason for autism.  (Science Daily)

Lots of stuff going on in the world of autism. I wish I could translate that into some immediate help though, too — I’ve got a little guy who wets himself numerous times daily. Finding what causes autism is only part of the problem.

This one’s probably the best article I’ve read yet as far as explaining why the latest ‘study’ on mercury and autism is misleading. Read for yourself, and you may pick up on a couple of scary factoids.

Parents Say California Autism Study is Flawed (

This is just scary. I’ve been watching and reading as this whole process has transpired, and I guess I should be glad not to see the word “jail” in this whole article, but there’s something seriously wrong with the government being legally allowed to enforce administration of a known toxin into my child…particularly on top of a bill that that protects vaccine/pharma companies from any litigation due to problems with their vaccinations.

Flu Shots for Children Grow Near in New Jersey (The New York Times)

At some point, the government has forgotten these are our children. It’s hard to get autism treatment paid for and/or covered by insurance, yet the government wants to possibly increase the risk of autism? At what cost?

Scary stuff here. For the sake of every child, all over the U.S., this has to be stopped.

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