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We have a little game we play here. We call it “Guess the Earthquake Magnitude.” See, I’m deathly afraid of earthquakes, and I live in Southern California.

I don’t scare easily, but there’s nothing like your house shaking side to side, things falling down, and the rolling thunder sound…accompanied by every dog in the vicinity barking. We live close to a couple of fault lines, so they typically come fast and hard, no slow build. BOOM. Then you feel the slight aftershocks for sometimes hours afterwards.

When earthquakes happen during the day, dh always calls me right away. Sometimes, phone lines are down but they were unaffected in this quake, and dh was home so he only needed to run to where I was standing in my master bath, arranging a phone cosmetic containers that suddenly starting shaking on end. Nice. Great. A quake. Then BOOM. 5.0, about 10 miles from here. Yep, our lovely fault lines are still in business.

Anyway, onto my point. My little guy usually isn’t too affected. But, I don’t usually yell like I did this time. Before I could catch myself, I was AHHHHHHHH. Smart move, Mom. Barnacle Boy is saying he’s afraid of going to sleep in his room because we might have an earthquake. He wanted to know all the mechanics of how earthquakes happen, and he’s so full of questions, you can hardly respond because he’s five steps ahead of you. Out come the laptop (which, btw, we had no net access for a while due to the quake) and when I could, I found us earthquake animations. Now he is fascinated, and playing Magic School Bus Earthquakes on his computer. Phew. A little knowledge IS power.

Never understimate these special kids!


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