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I think no matter what your relationship with your school is like, an IEP still makes you sigh. I’m not sure if it’s the thought that parents of ‘normal’ kids don’t have to do this; maybe it’s the worry that some surprise will pop up. Or, maybe it’s just the exhaustion of having to deal with so much.

To be clear, our school admin is amazing. We don’t have to fight for things, they ‘get’ our son, and he’s in good hands. But, it’s still an IEP, and dh couldn’t come this time due to an off-site work thing. (Otherwise known as some work-related golf tournament. Really.) But, I wasn’ t worried, I knew there’d be no surprises or anything bad, and I don’t sign IEPs in the meeting anyway. You always need time to go home, review with a clear head, chew on it some, and draft any changes you may want. Or, you realize that after a day or so, you’re still comfortable with it and haven’t thought of anything that’s not on there, and you sign it. I guess that’s my biggest advice, being an IEP veteran now — don’t sign it there, don’t let them rush you, and take your time to be sure it’s all-inclusive so you’re not calling for another IEP right away.

The service dog is working out perfectly. We continue to see positive changes with the little guy, and the dog has melded with our family like he’s always been here. It also means that when I do Pilates, he thinks there’s something wrong, as I’m laying on the floor, and he stands there, leaning onto me and checking me out, intensely worried. Makes for an interesting Pilates session. (Then there’s the Yorkie, who seems me as available to pet, snuggle and lick since I’m defenseless.) Gotta love dogs.

Sad to hear about all the brouhaha with the Wakefield paper — I don’t agree, but I can’t focus my life on autism 24/7. I still block quite a bit on Facebook, it’s just too much. I do better getting away with it and dealing with it more on my terms. My son is such a success story, and I need to remember that and put him first instead of dealing with making change. Selfish, eh, I suppose someone could say so but I can live with that.

Enjoy your weekend!

Such an auspicious title!

The service dog is amazing. We’re fine-tuning him listening appropriately to BB, but in the almost four weeks since the guardian angel arrived, BB has only had one incidence of getting up at night with a bad dream, sleepwalk, night terror or anything else bad in the dark. Nothing sort of miraculous. And as a bonus? We’ve become dog people. We take them for walks, buy them cute toys, and carry the Yorkie around as though she’s an infant. The service dog, C, is 89 pounds. He can’t be carried — which is hilarious and definitely a hitch when you try to take him for a car ride or go out to the RV during open houses and house showings. He weighs considerably more than BB, so sometimes walking is entertaining, but we’ve come a long way, and having a service dog is a blessing I can’t put into words.

As for bathroom visits, kids don’t believe you when you tell them that using the restroom will make them feel better. Sure, Mom/Dad, whatever…just stop talking about that. BB was home from school today for an extreme stomachache. Finally, around 3pm, he announced he was making *the* potty trip. He never ceases to amaze us with his vocabulary and conversations, but he still had me laughing and sort of shocked with his story about feeling relieved when he was done. I think that’s one thing he’ll always believe me about now…using the restroom will make him feel better. I think he’ll be going to school tomorrow. And I’ll work, keep the house clean for more house showings, and pray it happens quickly. We need to get this moving show on the road.

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