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Dh and I took a weekend away this past weekend. We went to see the Nascar race in Phoenix, and left the kids at home. (We have two older teenage kids, 19 and 18, who were able to work opposing work schedules so there was always someone at home.) They got to order pizza (so much for a dairy-free dinner) and watched The Last Mimsy. Friends came over daily, and meltdowns were at a minimum…without school and errands to go on, he was happy…unless you count an incident at church where someone still doesn’t really get that him hiding under the table is not a discipline issue and shouldn’t result in discipline.

Anyway, a successful weekend. Dh and I had enjoyed a huge full-all-day breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Sunday morning, first time there ever, and we spent a good 30 minutes shopping their old country store for candy and toys from ‘the good ole days.’ $60 lighter, but pounds heavier in toys and candy, we toted in the huge bag and handed out the goodies to the kids. Cheers! Ds decided he wanted to take a bath so he could try out his new balloon-propelled wooden boat. Sounds great, right? He loved the way it jetted around the water and giggled when it ran into him. I stepped away, dh close by the tub, only to hear “Are you okay? What happened??” accompanied by a gagging sound. Apparently when you blow into the tube on the boat, you can get a few remnants of the wood taste in the tube. Odd taste/odd texture/funny taste in mouth=disaster. He didn’t like the ‘stupid’ toy anymore, and he was really mad at it. Okay, you don’t have to play with it. He got out of the bath where the offending toy was, jammied up, and five minutes later, he found me downstairs long enough to tell me “I frew the boat in the trash, Mom.” Then he calmly walks away.

Anyone want a very gently used balloon-propelled boat? I promise, it really doesn’t taste that bad.

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