Autism Watch: 2007

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I sit here in my quiet bedroom…that alone is an anomaly. Quiet time? In my room? Write this day down in red on the calendar. Now, I didn’t say the rest of the house is quiet, but my room is…for now. Our respite nurse is in the other room, keeping an eye on the little guy as he bangs on his bongos that go along with the Donkey Kong game on our Gamecube. (Note: this is a great game for sensory input and hand-eye coordination, though sadly Nintendo is no longer making more games, so good thing we got a Wii.)

I’m breathing in the scent (odor? maladorous scent?) of hair dye. It’s time to cover those greys. I poured a glass of wine to savor while I’m letting this dye do its job, and ahhhh, let me just say this is an enjoyable moment. Quiet…wine….privacy…”me” time. Definitely a red-letter day, and an unusual occurrence.

My husband wasn’t too into having respite. But, I’m home with the kids every day, all day, while working 40 hours a week here at home, and I need the afternoon/evening once a week to get my errands done or to just go sit with a friend over a coffee…or to go wine-tasting, shopping, eyebrow threading, whatever it takes to have a peaceful no-child evening or get some chores caught up. We were blessed with a great respite nurse, a lady with a wonderful attitude, a compassionate demeanor, and lots of love to give. Ds loves having her over, even if he doesn’t always admit it readily. So, dh is now on board. As long as it works, it’s all good.  Never understimate the importance of having that time away from your child, even if it means you’re holed up in your bedroom, watching Dr. Phil, drinking a glass of boxed wine while waiting for a $9 box of hair dye to do its thing. That time to not have to be in charge, to not have to solve the world’s problems, and to let your child learn to deal with someone else is priceless.

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