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To me, it’s always such a remarkable coincidence that when my son shows up on the front yard of any of the kids in the neighborhood, they suddenly have to go inside for dinner…go clean their room…go dig up the bodies in the backyard. Okay, so that last one was an embellishment but you get my drift.

Note to parents who don’t want their little preciouses to learn compassion and how to play with someone different: come up with some new reasons. Open your child’s mind as well as your own. Bigotry comes in all shapes and sizes, and you’re perpetuating it.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest — within five minutes of yet another miraculous Emptying of the Neighborhood — I feel better, and I can go on with my excitement over another great day of being with BB. I worked a half-day — Fridays are frequently half-days during the summer where I work, yayyyy! – and then we hit up the local Brunswick alley, where I must have seemed like the biggest ignoramoose ever seen. How much is a game? Oh, per person? Shoes cost too? How do I reset the pins? Bumper guards, yeah, can we have them, too? Do we each throw the ball twice per turn, or do we go back and forth? Yes, I am a Bowling Virgin. But, thanks to wonderful lane-neighbors (who are nicer than some of my real neighbors, ha) we muddled through set-up and played three games. We also experienced bowling alley pizza and then finished up with a rowsing game of air hockey.

BB at the Bowling Alley

BB at the Bowling Alley

It was a blast! $27 poorer, we left to make a quick trip to Trader Joe’s (had to get some wine for our Mexican food-themed Nascar race party on Sunday) and then to the post office to mail a friend something. He did great on both errands! Well, great may be an exaggeration, but he didn’t get mad, and that works. He’d never been to the post office before, and he really doesn’t care if he never goes again. (One guy in front of us hadn’t been around for delivery and took quite a while to complain about it..over and over despite a long line of waiting people.) But, still, he did it, I got all my errands completed, and we came home where he could decompress while I caught up on stuff, checked in at work, and made crabcakes (homemade) for dinner. In another 1.5 hours, we’re off (or maybe just me — I’ve been bribed with a Roadhouse Tea) to pick up dh from the airport. He gets to help me further plan Sunday’s party, though he can’t attend. But, it was his idea, so he’s not off the hook that easy.

Enjoy your weekend, and if you’re hiding your child in your house until mine goes away, shame on you. He’s autistic, not stupid.

So it’s not cryin’ in his beer, but it was pretty sad to see nonetheless. And it was actually his dad’s coat.

As I shared earlier this week, daddy’s on a business trip out-of-state. I wasn’t sure how much BB thought about it, but last night, at bath time, he saw daddy’s Nascar jacket hanging in his closet. I thought he was kidding when he grabbed it and stuck his head inside, but within two seconds, I realized how very seriously sad he was. The sobs were soaking the jacket and I had to pull him away for a mommy cuddle, and a promise that he could email daddy when he was out of the tub. Twenty minutes later, he was writing daddy the cutest little (or not so little) email you’ve ever seen. I know it made dh’s morning to see when he woke up today, three hours ahead of us. When he called BB to talk to him this evening, BB hesitated for a sec, then when he realized it was really him, the DADDY!! was probably heard all the way in PA even without the phone. Too cute and worlds apart from where he was when daddy was traveling a couple of years ago, or even last year.

Today he had a good day. He was a bit mouthy and controlling, but that’s easy compared to some things we’ve dealt with. We made cookies, had a really good dinner of salmon and leftover knish, and then settled down to watch an episode of  The Othersiders. If you haven’t watched this show, beware — it’s a kid show, done by teens, but is pretty creepy! But, it was a good excuse to cuddle. BB made us a ‘bed’ of pillows and blankies on the couch, and he ate some chocolate while we held our breaths to see what the investigators found. (Is it bad to say I was glad when the show was over? Did I mention it was creepy?) Now we’re snuggled watching All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 on Video on Demand, a favorite benefit of our new-ish U-verse TV provider. (Dare I say we’re entirely thrilled we can finally record on any/all TVs instead of just the ‘brain’ unit downstairs?) He’s playing DS, and I’m on the laptop, so I’m not sure how much we’re watching, but we’re enjoying co-existing. He smells like vanilla sugar, courtesy of the Bath & Body Works shower gel I let him use in his epsom salts bath, and I’m thoroughly enjoying this nighttime routine.

Tomorrow morning, we meet The Teacher. I’ve heard only good things about her, so I have high hopes it will go well. I’m hoping to give her the Top 20 Things About BB list, verbally, inside the 20 minutes we have. One per minute, I guess.

Friday’s Mommy and Me day — I have half-day Fridays (but a spacebar that isn’t working completely) — so we are going bowling. First time together, first time for me in many years, and first time for him at all. It’s just him and I and our $1.29 per game coupon…and I don’t know how to score. Are bowling lanes automated yet??

Enjoy what’s left of your summer before school starts. Ours went way too quick.

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