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It has started already. School isn’t even out until Wednesday, and already he’s telling me he’s bored. The mom part of me is thinking “Bored?? BORED? You have a room full of games, toys, stuffed animals, video games/machines, TV, computer, books…..” and so on. The mom to a child on the spectrum part of me is saying “Breathe. Count to ten. He will find something to do shortly.”

Part of the challenge is getting ds to be willing to try different things, to pull out dusty toys, some still unopened, from his closet. The other part of the challenge is for me to develop some patience. I am definitely a much more patient person than I was pre-A (pre-autism) but I still think I have miles to go. I work from home full-time. This means meetings, phonecalls, and tasks on a regular basis. Ds aka BB needs to be able to keep himself occupied more than he’s done in the last week — which is weird, considering that he was getting much better until then. I’m thinking he’s already picking up on the lack of structure, something he thrives on. At school, transitions could be difficult but having a schedule is a huge help for him. (One day, a few years ago, pizza was delivered early to a class holiday party so the teacher wanted to have pizza before recess, instead of after. BB went ballistic, and the schedule had to go on as had been previously announced. Crisis averted.) Yet, having a schedule at home is not only difficult, but life doesn’t work on a schedule 24/7, so I’m not sure that developing one for his ‘free time’ is in his best interest.

Right now, he’s got all 158 Pokemon animals scattered throughout the dining area and office. I hear his little sounds as they ‘battle,’ and he’s literally spinning on the wood floor. He’s happy, and I’m thrilled. Five minutes from now? Who knows.

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