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A couple of days ago, I heard about an opportunity to get tickets, courtesy of Autism Speaks, for tonight’s Anaheim Ducks game. I immediately emailed, and quickly heard back from the AS representative in charge. Ds and my husband were on the list. Score!

See, this is a big deal. This is ds’s first hockey game. First major sporting event. A father-son opportunity at an event for autism awareness, and even better? It fell on the night that my youngest dd is having a slumber party for her 14th birthday. I’ve currently got eleven 13-14 year old girls in my family room, listening to music. Loudly. Dancing. Eating odd food. Noisily and messily. Not having ds here to have to deal with it, or to deal with being put aside by a group of girls talking about boys is awesome. AWESOME.

When ds and dh arrived at the Mighty Ducks home, they went to the TACA booth and were thrilled, dh has heard about various TACA people and finally got to me them. They visited the Jack FM booth (93.1 here in SoCal) and got their picture taken. They checked out their seats, then scoped out the pizza booth. Then they called me. The conversation between ds and I goes like this:

“Mom, this is awesome here. We got here. It’s big. We saw the…Ta…what was it, Dad? Oh, yeah, TACA place and Jack FM and we got our pictures taken. Now we’re getting pizza. I can’t think of anything else to say, so now I’m giving the phone back to Dad.”

He was so excited! Sounds like they’re having a blast. I don’t expect them home for a couple of hours (it’s about a 45-50 minute drive from the stadium to our house) but I don’t expect it to be any quieter here, so he may be sleeping on the floor of our room tonight, wrapped in numerous blankets because despite the hurricane-force winds that last days on end now, 70mph gusts and onwards, argh, it gets cold at night. That’s okay with me, he’s got a birthday party first thing in the morning, another yay!

So, to Autism Speaks: thank you. Mighty Ducks: thank you. Giving our family this opportunity is much appreciated. From making obtaining the tickets so easy to great seats that were easily received at Will Call, thank you. And TACA, thank you, so glad my husband got to meet you (Lisa in particular) and see your organization in business firsthand. I can’t wait to hear the details of the whole evening when they get home! (And to see the photo that Redbow took — thank you to you, too!)

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