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Well, if it’s just a ‘stinking’ basketball, why are you so bent on taking it to school? Huh? HUH?

One sentence into my blog and I’ve already digressed. Then again, that’s life with autism around, isn’t it? Things are fine one second, and the next, they’re not.

This morning, things seemed to start out fine. Ds came in around 7am, after a long discussion last night that I really do mean that he needs to stay in bed until then. One hurdle overcome. The morning continues, with normal breakfast and a round of Animal Crossing with his big brother. Then the time comes to brush teeth. OKAY, MOM. Imagine his teeth grinding together through the “okay” portion of that two-word sentence, then very pronounced disgust when saying “mom.” And so it begins.

Finally, he’s downstairs ready to leave. His older sister was taking him today, and he took it upon himself to invite a neighbor to ride with us. Fine, as long as you behave and don’t give dd a hard time. “DON’T SAY THAT TO ME, MOM.” This time, no teeth grinding here, he just outright yells. Somehow it’s okay for him to yell like that in front of his friend, but it’s not okay for me to correct him. Weird logic. Dd pulls her truck around front, but by then, ds is convinced he’s taking the basketball to school. No, not gonna happen, dude. Back and forth with him about why not: you’ll lose it or it’ll get stolen, it’ll be a distraction, how are you going to carry it, it’s against the rules, and so on. He kicks at me (with a brand new shoe, no less) and then tells me he doesn’t care if he scuffs his new shoes. Finally, he takes the backpack from me, flings it at me, I dodge, he mopes to the truck. For me, it ended there…until school is over and I pick him up…but dd still had to take him. He threw a belt at her, sat and cried hysterically in the truck, then yelled at her repeatedly to leave him alone once they were in the gates. So leave him alone, she did. Came home, and so far, no call from the school. I’m not holding my breath though. That kind of anger and aggression usually means some issues throughout the day. His teacher and aide is wonderful in helping with him, but carryover is bound to happen in one form or another. Such is another day, right?

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