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Sorry Doesn’t Cut It!!

Posted on: October 3, 2011

That’s what BB used to scream at me any time I used the word “sorry.” For anything. It didn’t matter if I told him I was sorry that his toast was too dark (aka had a tinge of color other than white) or if I said I was sorry that he still had to do homework. “Sorry” was unacceptable.

So I won’t try to use it here. Even though I am. Sorry, that is.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a month. Sorry that I’ve been sporadic lately. Sorry that I’ve been a much better blogger when my son was worse and I had less time than I do now.


In the last few weeks, we:

— continued homeschooling. Score!

— had to make a mad dash (aka 2.5 hour drive) to a critical care animal hospital when our pampered Yorkie was labeled ‘life-threatening’ and she needed special care

— had an open house, showed the house a few times, and lowered the price (everyone loves the house, not the price…)

— took a two-day trip that included 16 hours of driving within the 41 hours from leaving our house until we returned

— made some friends in our new locale

— started soccer and won two out of the first three games! (another S C O R E !!)

And then there was work. Crazy. Busy. But still a job I believe in.

BB has had his days. I made him drive back/forth with me to the doggy hospital a couple of times. 2.5 hours in a car, one way, with an unhappy verbal autistic child is not my idea of a fun drive, but what do you do? There are days he doesn’t want to do his schoolwork, but he rises above it (most times?) and does an amazing job with all of his assignments. In particular, he loves mythology (and volunteers to read it) and science experiment. He’s not big into ‘crafting’ so I have to choose my hands-on (scissors, glue, crayons) projects carefully. But, he is big on telling me about everything he learns. He can give the best running narrative on a topic that you’ve ever heard, complete with his own little autistic spin. Fascinating.

Me, I’ve been working (did I say that already?), still keeping the house in tip top shape for showings, and trying to ‘live’ as though we were just living here and not moving across country any minute. I’m working on my business more, including business management, graphic design, Javascript and PHP (I know how to par-tay!), as well as the meat of it all, cupcakes. Instead of just focusing on good cupcakes, I’ve been focusing on healthy good cupcakes. Gluten-free. Casein-free. Lower sugar. Lower fat. Good additives. Yet, throughout all of that: delicious. Last week, I made pumpkin-butterscotch cupcakes (with a homemade mix of cream cheese frosting and buttercream frosting that has everyone raving and asking for the spoon and a place to hide) and you wouldn’t know it, but they were good for you. Yes, really. Cupcakes that didn’t make you sorry you ate breakfast, cupcakes that didn’t make you re-think eating dinner so you wouldn’t go over your calorie count. And those cupcakes are just the beginning. The goal is a revolution of items that fill a need — your sweet tooth, the thing that almost everyone has, and some people in a bigger way than others — while fulfilling a want, a way to cut your calories, your excess carbs, and your sugar and fat contents. Yum.

Stay tuned.

And my apologies for my absence. I had a lot of good reasons, I promise.

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