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No, I Didn’t Give Up Blogging

Posted on: June 7, 2011

I just took a break.

Let’s just blame it on life being crazy. Like everyone else’s.

Let’s see…in the last two months, I:

Took on new work tasks.

Decided to move back to California.

Got tired of re-living the traumas of autism by writing about them.

Started a new blog for my cupcake obsession.

Ramped up my blog/web design education.

Did I mention we’re planning another cross-country move?

Autism is only one part of my life. A big one, albeit, but only one part. I live with school issues almost daily, some that require phonecalls 3-4 days a week, and summer is such a blessing. BB is a different child. With no routine, other than getting up like normal, eating his waffle with extra chocolate chips, sitting in the same place with the same computer and the same toys in the same bedroom, he’s oh so happy. Compliant. Pleasant. Yeah, he still yells at his computer when another online player causes issues, but he’s also getting better at HTML coding and game scripting. The words he throws at me sometimes, I think he can be a partner at my business at some point. And I’m not kidding.

Since it’s only one part of my life, I have tried to not let it take over, a struggle I’ve had for years. Some days, there’s no time to blog when I’m dealing with autism-related issues; others, when it’s a good day, I’d rather not talk about it. And I don’t want to blog just to blog. Why write something forced? You’ll know it, I’ll know it, I won’t sleep because of the guilt…

I do hope to get back here more regularly. It really isn’t that hard, and God knows there’s enough to write about. I just need to make time between extra work hours, packing, showing my house, signing contracts (thinking positively!) and prepping for the move, while still enjoying this house that I truly love and having fun with the family.

I hope all is well out there, and I plan on touching base with you again soon.

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