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If you’ve been a long-time reader, you know my posts run the gamut of vents about daily life with autism, frustrating school run-ins, interesting (or scary) autism news articles, and opinions about the world of autism. If it’s about autism, it’s in here somewhere. Like any parent of a child on the spectrum, I’m a 24/7 advocate. That said, I still ramp it up during Autism Awareness Month. My house is surrounded by blue lights — not to represent or advocate an organization, but to get the word out on autism. (Believe me, the blue stands out and gets questions.) I carry more autism cards to hand out, I talk about it more in general, and in specific, I suggest other businesses celebrate Autism Awareness Month. I work with anyone available to get the word out, because the more the word is out, the more understood my son will be. The more understood the neighbor’s son will be. The more understood my nephew will be. And the more understood those children we walk past in CostCo, the library and the child melting down at Disneyland will be. And the undiagnosed? Their parents may see the signs earlier. With enough awareness, maybe one day autism will be a thing only pre-existing children/adults have, and it won’t occur anymore. I can hope, right?

Please look around your community and see what events are occurring. For us, we’re taking place in this walk on Saturday. A bit of a drive, but it goes towards Dogs for Autism, and as my son has a service dog, we know that you can’t put a value on it, and every child with autism should have that special opportunity.

Put a ribbon on your blog. This BloggersUnite page is full of resources and has a ribbon and autism awareness badge available.

Write up a blog entry about the month, even if your blog isn’t about autism. Do you know a family with a child with autism? Offer to babysit so the parents can get out for a couple of hours. Have your child set up a play-date for the child — I tell you, that’s one of the best things someone could do for me. Our kids have social issues and are frequently left out of parties and other gatherings. A lot of places ask for financial donations, but there are other ways to make a difference.

I’m off to find some notes about BB to share for my upcoming school training. Wish me luck!

There’s no better title. Those things together are giving me grey hairs this week and last. But hopefully, we’re on the path to resolution.

In short, the school’s discipline plan, their focus on negative reinforcements and their approach to my son overall are just not working. We were left at a total loss, with no clue what to do next short of calling an IEP meeting, and we didn’t want to do that until we had a realist, reasonable and fair plan in place, and that’s going to take some effort.

So I called in a specialist. She’s an angel, and she gets it. She gets my son. She knows her stuff.

To talk to someone about my son and have them listen, to have them nod, to truly understand, to not interrupt me, and to not defend the teachers=priceless.

I don’t know the whole plan yet, but training is occurring this week, for everyone involved with my son, and a volunteer stepped forward to take a lead role with a unique position. (I need to hug him when I see him.)

My husband told me last week, see, some days are awful and you feel angry and frustrated, but if you hang tight, things will work out.

Things got worse the two days after he said that, so I wasn’t convinced, but today, I am definitely feeling more confident that we can work things out in a way that gives me son the proper supports and accommodations without too many hardships for anyone else.

We know we’ll have an IEP in a few weeks, but that gives us some time to get things in place and have better goals in mind, as well as restroom usage accommodations, and a daily communication log, as we’re frequently out of the loop until things get bad, or until BB tells us. Not a good place to be when you walk into an IEP and hear a bunch of bad things and feel totally caught off guard.

I’ve taken a lot of Excedrin the last week.


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