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Migraines and Autism

Posted on: February 2, 2011

Mommy, I need a pain reliever. It’s at a level 7.8.

That’s what I heard last night around 8pm. Apparently the school nurse also heard it around 1pm.

I heard it the afternoon before. The rating is a little different each time, but 7.8 got my attention.

Two years ago, my son went to his neurologist for a follow-up, where I mentioned his frequent headaches. I get migraines, as does my 16-year-old daughter. (Can I just say how miserable it is watching your child going through insufferable head pain that you know kills you just to have your eyes open?) The MRI was slightly abnormal, but there was no visible cause for headaches, so they were determined to be migraines based on the presentation and other tests he ran. He was prescribed a medication to take daily, but after waiting two days for the prescription to be filled (it had to be ordered) and seeing him not have another headache, we decided to not risk the side-effects. Fast forward to now, he’s still not on medication but he’ll go a few weeks at a time with frequent headaches, then a few weeks of pain-free time.

He goes back to the neurologist on Tuesday, where we’ll seek treatment as well as a note for school attendance. To me, it’s pretty obvious that a child diagnosed with autism and documentable migraines would miss some school, but I am not on the state school board.

Anyway….the wasting of the doctor’s time aside, does your child with autism experience headaches? Migraines? What do you do?

I’ve done a little research. I found this:

Reversing Autism: The Story Behind Feast Without Yeast, an article about a book that appears to detail a dietary change that will reduce headaches

Biomedical Autism Intervention

Autism Comorbidities, part 2 of a blog series about migraines and autism

Not a lot of mainstream information available, so I’m interested in others’ experiences as well as any references anyone may have. I want to be well-armed for the appointment, as I need to find a way to keep barnacle boy pain-free. He’s got enough to deal with already.

2 Responses to "Migraines and Autism"

My son gets frequent severe headaches – often enough to cause him distress at school, absences from school and difficulties with the school admins. They are worse when he is ‘teething’ (he’s 11 and losing/growing teeth regularly at the moment). I found this blog through a google search, as I have the feeling headaches are very common with autism kids and adults. My son suffers from anxiety and this brings on headaches regularly too.

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