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I’m with everyone else out there who thinks the slew of recent suicides due to bullying is horrific. Unnecessary. Sad loss of beautiful lives that could have been preventable, but the question begs to be asked: why can’t we just stop bullying, period? Why focus on just one type? Bullying is bullying, plain and simple.

Today, in my opinion, my son was bullied. Again.

In my opinion, because everyone’s so sensitive anymore about what others say in this political-correctedness-gone-amok world, when a child makes up things and tattles on another child for something he didn’t do, and gets away with it, while the victim is punished, it’s bullying. Using your power — words, physical, mental, whatever — to negatively impact another is bullying, plain and simple.

I’m glad Hillary Clinton wants to help the cause of bullying against gays, but who is taking up the cause of bullying against disabled kids? Anyone? Why is it not okay to bully a gay child but bullying a kid without the social skills to defend himself due to autism is ignored?

Stop bullying — any kind of bullying, against any kind of victim. Stop bullying. That’s all that needs to be said.

A bully is a bully. If they bully a gay person, they’re going to bully someone else. Why are we focusing on just the gay people suddenly? Anti-bullying sadly didn’t get enough attention before these recent deaths, and it’s awful it took more to make it important enough, but all bullying is wrong, and focusing on bullying of one type silently allows the rest to continue.

My disabled child doesn’t deserve to be bullied. Does anyone?

Let’s do something.


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