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Posted on: September 29, 2010

We’re flooded here in the South, and while we’re off-track from school, I’m in the midst of a major work project that entails longer work hours, and more intense work hours, so between that and the rain, I’m thankful that BB’s way into his online game creation. He has declared tomorrow Hot Cocoa day, as it’s supposed to get ‘cool’ here — finally — and I’m all for that hot cocoa. (As I sit here in my shorts and tank, excited that there will only be a handful of days where I can where this for months again.)

There’s some interesting news on autism today:

Autism Advocates Blast Angle’s Insurance Stance, brought to you by KTVN Las Vegas. Love the air quotes, baby. Then again, you are just a “politician.” Wink wink.

Early Intervention Key to Treating Autism, by the SouthTown Star. Wow, newsflash. But, then again, it’s good autism awareness so that works for me and I like that it emphasizes that some children really can do much better if treated as young as possible.

The University of Vermont shares news of a movie about two men with autism. I’d love to see this!  Film Takes Autism on the Road

While this is a local event (not local to me) and it won’t be available to many due to its location, it’s still something that deserves some props. These programs are necessary and vital, and as the mom of a current soccer player (who knew?? SUCH an improvement over the last few years) I applaud them for starting this. Sports Teams Are a Rare Opportunity for Autistic Children, from, a Maryland newspaper.

This one breaks my heart — I have no words. Parents Gave Up Autistic Son, from

I’m waiting for news saying that they’re increasing training requirements for school staff, and that insurance companies have to pay for ABA regardless of whether or not your insurance is privately paid or from a small employer, and that vaccines are being redesigned, but at least there’s some good news out there today.

Enjoy your evening.

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