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Posted on: July 16, 2010

I’m back on the horse…I think.

BB goes back to school on Monday. We’ve been in the house almost two months now, and we’re done unpacking. Renovation projects aren’t a daily thing (though we’re still working on a few smaller things, all cosmetic) and errands take half as long now that I don’t have to pull out my GPS every time I want to go somewhere. The garden’s still producing but not to the point where I’m canning or chopping endlessly. I’m back to my studies and workout routines, and I have hopes of school helping BB stay in more of a routine. Hopes.

As a result, I hope to be back to blogging more normally. If you ever plan a cross-country move, where your husband quits his job and has to find a new one, and you have to get your kids and pets and belongings from one coast to another, plan on things taking longer than you thought they would to calm down. A lot longer. Looking back, it’s only been a little less than four months but on the other hand, wow, it feels like a whole new world.

Today I have no titillating stories to share, no sarcasm and no areas where I can speak out against something…imagine that! 😉  I do want to share though that I took BB out to lunch yesterday with a friend and children, and he did AMAZING. The most polite little man, the sweetest, and social though it was a little loud at times and his eye contact wasn’t so hot. But I was SO impressed, so proud and so encouraged.

Other than that, on with some recent autism news:

The Utah News reports: Quality of Life for Autistic Adults Subject of New Study. This is a longterm study of 400 children and not entirely inclusive or surprising, but interesting nonetheless.

Age of Autism: New Study Shows Vaccines Cause Changes Found in Autism. I’m sure the only news play this will get is people ripping it apart. reports: Autistic Teen Jailed for Officer Assault. This one just proves that the authorities need more training so that they remain safe while also working more appropriately with disabled people. (Though the question of how they know an adult is disabled in an ‘invisible’ way is always going to be difficult.)’s got another interesting one: Advocates Urge Congress to Address Growing Needs of Adults with Autism. So true.

There are so many good blogs out there about autism, I would be hard-pressed to choose some to highlight, but I think once a week, I’m going to try to do that. (Now I just have to remember in the rush of the first week of school that I said that!)

Have a good weekend….


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Latest Autism News…

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

sounds like things are going well!

We recently decided that we cannot do this whole parenting our son with autism all alone without family and are going to move to MN (where I am from). Any advice on picking up and moving? We’re on the east coast now and I’m a little daunted thinking of all the things we will need to do! And HOW do we get 1 dog and 4 cats halfway across the country?

How did you do it? What would you have done differently? Things that went right?

Oh boy! I feel for you — but I have to say, the move was quite an adventure and while it didn’t go all smooth, and there are days I still think “WTH did we do???” we got through it all in one piece and the entire family says it was one of the best times ever. How far of a drive will you have?

We traveled with dh pulling the RV in the truck (with the 15 yod as his texter) and one dog. My older son drove in the middle, alone except for a turtle (in a cage with water), the lizard (who sadly just passed two weeks ago) and the guinea pig who squeals. The zoomobile. I drove behind in my car with BB, his service dog, and the Yorkie. It was chaotic, lots of potty stops for people and pets, and the service dog won’t climb into the car so his 90-pound butt had to be lifted in/out every time. (Or we’d use the ramp in the truck, but even that’s not without having to push him up it.) We didn’t have any cats so I don’t know how well they travel but the pets do present a challenge as you have to plan your stops well. We rarely left them, but the couple of times we went into a restaurant, we’d load the dogs all into the RV with food/water and hope nerves wouldn’t cause a potty accident. No problems there at least.

It took a TON of planning. My husband’s a planner by career, so he mapped the trip out months in advance, including where we’d stop at night, and I made KOA reservations for those cities. He planned on less-mountainous roads and made sure there were gas stations often enough to refill the truck/RV. My only requirement was that we stopped at the Oklahoma City memorial, so it was interesting driving our caravan around that old downtown, as well as downtown Memphis but he’s quite the pro now. We stocked all of BB’s favorite foods, so food worries were taken out of the equation, even if they weren’t the best things for him diet-wise, because it was more important to keep him happy on those long days than insist he have no preservatives. His backpack, at his feet, was full of his camera, DSs, games, chargers, iPod, and a portable DVD player. Blanket, pillow, earphones. I also bought one of those little Flip-type video cameras so he could do silly things and re-watch them, or chronicle the trip. (It caused a meltdown at the Grand Canyon, but we got that worked out after a much longer visit than we’d planned.)

I think what helped was just giving us enough time to make the trip, and when we got stranded in NM by the inept towing company, it put us a day behind so we had to remind ourselves ‘just one day, just one day’ and roll with it. Plan where you’re going to live when you get there, and when you pack, put the things you’ll need immediately at the end of the truck so they’re easily accessible. If you think the trip will take four days, plan on five and pack clothing for two weeks. (That helped us, as we weren’t able to get to our clothes in the moving truck as early as we thought we could, so my two weeks’ worth of clothing had to last a couple more. I got really tired of having to re-wear the same things, and I had to go to WM and buy BB a couple more pairs of shorts.) I think the biggest tip? Flexibility. When we tried to push it driving, it just didn’t work. We tried to cut off the last night and just drive, but BB was tired. I was secretly exhausted by then, too, and didn’t want to go further but if the other two drivers were up for it, I was willing…then BB said he didn’t think he wanted to stay in the car longer. No problem, we stopped where we’d planned otherwise and camped. Plan for it to cost more than you anticipate, but you can do it frugally still. I just know being able to pull into Cracker Barrel after yet another tire issue was SO relieving, rather than stopping, setting up camp then finally getting to the food. Make the trip fun, if you have time, by stopping to see a few things you think everyone can manage, and it seems less like a chore and more like a vacation.

For the big move itself, look into everything on the other end thoroughly. I wish I’d looked at taxes a bit more — we knew where we wanted to live, I’d researched schools and services, and I got doctor recommendations but I was completely shocked when I got dinged for about 150% more in withholding taxes for each paycheck. Ouch! We knew we’d save money on car registrations (though they have property tax on cars here..but it’s still less than Calif car registration fees) and utilities, but produce isn’t cheaper, and neither is meat. Planning your budget helps you have an idea what to expect. We thought we’d go without a land line but our cell service doesn’t work well in our house as it has a metal roof. Duh, now we’re stuck in a contract we can barely use in the house, and I’d just gotten a new phone with a two-year data plan requirement. (That GPS though is a huge help in navigating a new area!) There was so much setting up this service, changing this address, and changing it again as we moved from temp housing to full housing. Details I still think of here and there but it’s phasing out.

I hope my rambling is of some help. If you have specific areas I’ve missed, let me know. We’re still settling in, but I think things are getting more routine. I think. 😉

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I’m pleased I located this web page, I couldnt get any knowledge on this subject before. I also manage a website and if you want to ever interested in doing some guest writing for me if possible feel free to let me know, im always look for people to check out my web site. Please stop by and leave a comment sometime!

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