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Autism Wit

Posted on: May 4, 2010

Throughout the years, I’ve run into a few people who equate autism with a child being “slow.” It’s one of the most irritating myths about autism, right up there with “but he doesn’t look like Rainman…

Like so many others with autism, my son could teach people a thing or two. He’s got a sharper wit than most adults I know, and even when he’s testing my patience, he still makes us laugh.

Take this morning, for example. He didn’t want to brush his teeth, so I had to remind him to get moving so he wasn’t late for school.

“Super Mario has been looking for a place to shoot fireballs. I think I’ll message him.” Then he looked at me.

A few minutes later? “I need a tissue. STAT.”

And his parting shot, as he heads out the door with me trying to tie his shoes for him. “Mom, I GOT this. I’m the leader. Kids are generals. Moms are medics.”

Alrighty then. Life may not be the easiest for him, but he’s going to get along just fine. Just don’t expect him to do it quietly.

1 Response to "Autism Wit"

My autistic son just turned thirty. He has spoken only two words in his life; however, he has said many things that are funny, insightful ,or mysterious while being facilitated on a keyboard. See for a poem he wrote as a Christmas present many years ago.

By the way, thank you for writing about your son.

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