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He Goes to Bed

Posted on: March 6, 2010

I help him floss his teeth. He brushes. He has me smell his breath.

He agrees to shower in the morning and knows I will remind him.

He takes the blanket I’ve just pulled from the dryer and “makes” his bed. He gets his service dog’s bed as close to him as he possibly can. He covers up Charlie with the blanket he slept on since he was a puppy, and hugs him goodnight.

“Mama, I’m ready for cuddles.”

I lay down next to him for big hugs. He tells me about a new episode of his latest favorite show. We talk about the cookies we’re going to make tomorrow, and I think about how much I will enjoy watching him use his little fingers to wrap dough around Hershey’s Hugs, and I know he’ll only make it through about one batch before he tires and I do the rest alone.

I give him a big kiss, and tell him I love him more than anything he can say. He agrees to wash his face in the shower. He gives me a kiss, as I tell him he’s my special boy I love so much. He tells me I am the most awesome mom.

I feel tired before I go out there. When he’s ready to go to sleep, I’m sorry there’s not more cuddle time and I’m awake. I can’t wait for morning snuggles on the couch.


1 Response to "He Goes to Bed"

Sounds like you have a nice routine down…

Lindsey Petersen

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