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Moving & Homeschooling

Posted on: February 16, 2010

I am now officially a homeschooler. I didn’t foresee this. If you’d asked me last year about homeschooling BB, I’d have said no. If you’d asked me last week, I’d have said no. If you’d asked me at 6:55am today, I’d have said no. Yet, here I am, 6:03pm, and I’m a homeschooler. And BB is laughing.

I’ll do anything for that sound.

As I’ve shared on this blog a ginormously number of times, BB’s not happy in school. In his words, he’s picked on, teased, bullied and hassled on a daily basis. We’re not entirely sure it all happens to the extent he feels it is, but that’s the keyword: feels. He feels picked on, teased, bullied and hassled. I don’t always see it, in my limited time there, nor does his teacher or aides. But, he feels it. I do know he hates being called “clown,” the word a ‘friend’ came up with last week to use to alienate him from the other kids; I also know his self-esteem is at an all-time low. He knows mom and dad and family and our friends love him, but he’s a nine-year-old boy. He wants others to like him. It’s that simple.

So after one last hysterical sobbing mess of a morning, he’s a homeschooled child. Okay, so he’s technically on ‘independent study’ at the moment, as our move is coming up in a few weeks, so the school provides the work and I just help him do it. Best of both worlds. He’s happy, his anxiety is much less, and I think will continue to lessen over the next few days, and he’s not obsessing all evening about what will happen tomorrow.

Life is good. Now I just have to start packing.

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It’s always good to hear them laughing – glad that his anxiety about school is less now that he can do his work at home. Hopefully things will be better after the move.

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