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Just SO Tired of It.

Posted on: August 13, 2009

Tonight, a neighbor lady yelled at my son. Again. No, this isn’t the same lady that I had to confront a few weeks back for telling another boy not to play with my son. This lady, she has only smaller children and no autism experience, and apparently she feels that it’s okay for her to discipline my son or take issue with everything her son says mine does. It’s so frustrating, so aggravating, and so unfair.

I know, I whine a lot about things that happen, and I’ve been negative lately. Darn right. I’m just burned out on the ignorance out there. I know it’ll get better — rationally, I know good people are out there, but why aren’t some of them my neighbors instead of these people?

I’m at a loss, unsure what to do. I want this lady out of my face, but I don’t want another problematic neighbor. I want her to leave the parenting to me and stop making a big deal out of everything. Oh, yeah, and the “I’m going to tell your mom!” (while her child is over in my driveway setting off my car alarm) threats need to stop, too.


And thankfully, Dh comes back tomorrow. No third week out of state. Thank God.


1 Response to "Just SO Tired of It."

No ideas, but sheesh, you live on the street from hell! I’m so sorry you are going through all of this on top of everything ELSE that is always going on in life.

Hang in there. Hopefully a move will come along – if not for you, then for the rest of them!

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