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Off to School Battles Continue

Posted on: April 10, 2009

My alarm went off at 5:00 this morning. I couldn’t believe it; I feel like I’d just gone to sleep. It stinks to wake up in the morning and not feel anymore rested than when you went to bed. Six to seven hours of sleep should fly by comfortably, which it did — that’s not something I can often say, with ds’s sleep habits, nightmares, and just issues staying asleep all night — but I didn’t feel like I slept. Dh is off today for Good Friday (like most people I know) so he woke me back up at 6am, and I headed downstairs. Booted up the computer, sat down and there’s ds, asking me to cuddle him back to sleep on the couch. In five minutes, he’s out, I’m back at the computer, and all was well..or was it?

Dh had an appointment, so he’d left by 7am, when ds woke up, announcing that he wasn’t going to school, he hates school, and he always gets ‘colds’ when he’s at school. Colds? This is new. Talking to him about how he wasn’t going to get a cold at school was only making things worse. It escalated to him kicking at me and yelling that he was not going to eat breakfast. He fell back to sleep, woke up about 30 minutes and called to me. Then he realized he was still mad at me for forcing him to go to school where he could get a cold.

Then the real humorous stuff started. He told me that after this year, he’s not going back to school. In fact, he’s going to be homeschooled. By me. Now, don’t get me wrong — I’ve homeschooled my two middle children extensively. I graduated one, successfully, and another entered public school in middle school, fit right in and tested to GATE/Advanced classes all the way through. (She now starts high school in August, in more GATE/Advanced classes.) So, I’m not against homeschooling. Homeschooling this little guy just isn’t part of the plan.

When he calmed down, sort of, for a few minutes, I asked him why he hates going to school so much. Out came a litany of reasons: the kids aren’t nice to me, no one plays with me, I have to talk when I don’t want to, I’m bored, I finish my work and have to wait for the others, and I get colds.

We have an IEP coming up within the next few weeks, planned mostly to go over what we’re going to do for him socially. With a letter looming about excessive absences, we have to find ways to get him to school. Beyond that though, because I’ll deal with the truancy issue if need be, we want him happy at school. We don’t want him dreading going.

This  morning’s drama aside, I bet when I pick him up this afternoon, he’s going to happily climb in my car and play our “I love you more than anything you can say!” game like this morning didn’t happen. We’ll talk about our Easter plans — going to church on Easter, the hunt at church, our big Easter dinner at our friends’ on Sunday, and the hunt there. And, of course, the Easter bunny coming. The Easter bunny is a big thing here, just like Santa and the tooth fairy. I don’t know how much longer we’ll have his belief in these things, and we want to make it count while we do. He’s been begging for the “Sorry Sliders” game, and since we’re encouraging games, interaction, and the skills that come with them, Sorry Sliders will be alongside the pile of baskets…along with a couple of  movies the kids have been asking for. And candy, though we tried to go as low-dye as we could.

School pickup is at 3pm, I’ll update later about how his day went.  Happy Easter!

1 Response to "Off to School Battles Continue"

Well….did the bunny deliver the “Sorry Sliders”, or what?!

Hope your holiday was nice!

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