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Tomorrow’s Barnacle Boy’s MRI appointment. We’ve done the social story, we’ve talked about how he’ll be at school late, and we’ve burned the CD for him to listen to during. I think we’re set, except for the one thing I can’t plan for or prevent: a meltdown.

The last couple of weeks, bb’s been having a lot of ‘short fuse’ moments. Out of nowhere, he blows up, usually over pretty small things. No clue when it’s going to happen, it just does. In addition to the verbal assault, his weapon of choice is a swift sharp kick to the shin. Ouch.

I have no idea what’s causing it. Meds not strong enough since he’s had a weight gain? Aggressive phase? Not feeling well?

Right now, I’m leaning towards not feeling well, though we have no real idea as to why he doesn’t feel well. He’s getting the headaches still, but they’re not 24/7. Residual feeling from headaches?

I picked him up early from school (again) yesterday. Fever of 101.7, though my thermometer here at home showed 98.7.  Looks like I may need to consider a new thermometer while we’re at it. He went to the nurse a few times again today, no fever but not feeling well. He’s going to take a pain reliever and see if he can make it the rest of the day. The message we’re trying to send is that coming home from school is only for when you really don’t feel good. None of us think he’s faking, at this point; you can see his eyes seem not quite right, and we can tell he’s not feeling well when he says he has a headache, but he also is not the best at communicating his physical feelings.

So what now? We’ve tried to get him to explain his feelings to us, but we get a lot of “I just want to be left alone.” We can’t read his mind, and that apparently irks him. (It irks me, too, but I can’t let him know.) He says he feels his friends are ignoring him. He says that we don’t let him do the things he wants to do. He says a lot of things, but where are we, really?

I’ll be glad when tomorrow’s MRI is over. The doctor can then read the results of everything (bloodwork, too) and see if there’s any physical reason. Then we’re looking at how to treat the headaches/migraines.

Meanwhile, I wore my Green Our Vaccines t-shirt yesterday. What better opportunity than St. Patrick’s day, for a non-green/non-Irish person? I’m still reading, with interest, the back-and-forth between everyone on vaccines, and I still believe that we need to re-do our vaccine schedule along with removing the garbage in them. Did you know they pulled mercury from dog vaccines because it’s a neurotoxin? Apparently dogs are more important than kids, pregnant people, and the elderly who are supposed to get the flu shot. Who knew.

I’ll update after the MRI. I’m coming back to work right after, so it won’t be an immediate update…I’ve been so bad at updating anything lately, this is nothing different. We are going camping this weekend, and bb’s really looking forward to it. Being outdoors seems to really help him, though there’s always arguments because he feels other kids leave him out. What’s new.

Yep, for reals. That’s a lot of the reason I haven’t been here much lately. I got to the point where I started to think twice about blogging about ds. What’s new to talk about? What will people want to read about? It also gets harder to discuss some things at times. Did I need to stop blogging and re-focus?

After a lot of thought, I’m back blogging. I’ve probably lost most of my readers, but we’ll see. I’ve taken some time to think about the whole point of my blog, and while I’m not sure of the real point yet, there’s still plenty of things to blog about.

Like migraines.

Ds started having headaches a few weeks ago. To be clear, he’s always had them periodically, at least every couple of weeks, and they’ve just gotten a lot more frequent. I’ve spent a lot of time running to the school to either pick him up or give him some pain reliever. I’ve spent equal amounts of time trying to talk him from needing to come home. In the end, he missed a few days of school by either leaving early or staying home entirely for a headache. That just makes it more stressful for him, as he has homework to catch up on. But, his teacher’s been understanding and he’s not been overwhelmed. The doctor ordered bloodwork, and an MRI. We had a social story about the MRI, including pictures of what to expect. (Finding a picture showing the inside of the MRI machine was a challenge, I could only find cartoon cutaways.) Hopefully, the MRI will show nothing, and we’ll move on to treat the headaches as migraines. The bummer is that it may mean an additional daily medication as preventative, and the first doctor pointed out that headaches can be from seizures. I really didn’t want/need to hear that — we already know the path my daughter’s headaches took, so I’m praying ds goes a different direction. No sign of anything else, so it’s a realistic hope.

On other fronts, things are going well in school. He’ll likely be in the GATE program next year. He gets easily bored if the work isn’t challenging enough, and he hates to have to wait for the other kids to finish work after he’s done. And he’s distracted by their noises and poking and prodding. (Of course, I’m sure he contributes his own poking and prodding and noise.) He’s back to finger flapping quite frequently, though he’s twirling his hair a lot less. I’m almost thinking I liked the hair twirling better. We went to Knott’s Berry Farm this past Saturday, and he even waited in a couple of short lines without issues…but we were close.  Thank God their new special assistance pass system works much better than their old non-successful antiquated discriminatory policy. This time? We got immediate boarding the first time on each ride, and a timed boarding, without waiting at that time, on our second ride. We never got around to testing that out, the first time on each ride sufficed as we only lasted until 4pm. La Revolucion did him in, a fast, twirling upside down ride that proved to be too much for him. “Mom, I have a headache” was instead “Mom, that made me feel like I was gonna throw up.”He never did throw up — he inhaled a bowl of Dippin’ Dots but still wanted to go home.

While at Knott’s, he found a new ‘pet,’ a rock with eyes named Watcher. We couldn’t find Watcher before we went to school this morning, but he didn’t freak. No meltdown. No excessive worry, just a calm assurance we’d find it when he got home. And I did find it, hidden in a little box he put it in last night so he had a ‘new house.’ I know he will be excited to hear that when daddy brings him home from school this afternoon.

Back to the headaches. We’ve got a standing order at school for him to receive pain reliever as necessary, and we’re keeping a headache log. Think positive thoughts for us as he has his MRI a week from Thursday, soonest they could get him in.

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