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You’re Mean! Blah blah blah blah blah

Posted on: February 25, 2009

That’s a recent conversation in my household. Recent, as in five minutes ago. Ds sat down to do his homework, and realized he was missing one sheet, something I could have re-created for him but he flipped out. It wouldn’t be the same, you know. He’d rather bring home another tomorrow afternoon and do extra work tomorrow night. OH-kay. Then he grabs his sharpened pencil and sits back down to do his math…only to find out he’s missing one of his two math worksheets. Uhm, “Honey, what did you do today that you’re missing so much? Did something happen?” Immediate and worse flip out. “You are mean! You’re just mean today! I’m going to go do my homework upstairs!” Insert the harumph and sigh and tsk tsk tsk, after his yelling stopped.

So now he’s doing his homework upstairs, only one interruption where he just came to ask me where his dad is. (On the treadmill, Honey, trying to get a quick run in, something for himself, you know.)

This, after I rushed around this afternoon to make him an extra special fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies, his favorite. He walked in the house after his dad brought him home, with warm cookies and a glass of milk awaiting him. He wolfed down four cookies, and during that time, man, was he cute. Milk dripping all over his face, shirt and mouth. Cookies crumbs flying as he animately tells me how delicious the cookies were. Milk splatters all over the table between the cup and his mouth as he soaks every bite. SO cute.

Then he got mad.

Now he apparently wants my help because his 14-year-old sister has two friends over so they can do a group homework assignment and they are being ‘too noisy.’ I guess they are distracting him.

Does that make me Queen Cookiemaker and Dispute Resolution and Venting Post?

I guess so.

There are times where I have to take a deep breath and remember how cute he is. Cute. Breathe. Cute. Breathe….

1 Response to "You’re Mean! Blah blah blah blah blah"

All hail the Queen!

Yes they are lucky they are cute. I think its a prerequisite. Hey they need something extra to make up for all their freakin annoying moments, right?

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