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Of Santa and Principals

Posted on: December 17, 2008

On Monday night, we took bb to see Santa. Bass Pro Shops has THE best Santa yet. He was wonderful — funny, loving, gentle, all that a Santa should be. Bb saw him, ran right to him (YAY! a total 180 from last year, where our family photo shows him with as huge of a mad unhappy face as is capturable on camera) and started to recite his list. With a few discreet nods from me, behind bb, Santa was able to nod appropriately to his requests. It went great! Dd also visited, and came away with a big smile on her face. (We followed it up with dinner at Isla Morado Fish Company, their restaurant. Shout out for good food!)

So, score one for this holiday season. PHEW.

Yesterday, while at training, I took my phone out on lunch break to see that there was a voicemail from my son’s school. Oh. No. Here I am, no closer than a 1.5 hour’s drive if traffic cooperates. I returned her call, and as always, she was wonderful. Ds had a bad moment on the playground, thought he was in trouble and had lost all his friends, so the teacher and principal together determined it was a good time to have him call me and see if that calmed him. Apparently, he visibly relaxed when she said he could call me, so she brought him back to the office and we talked. He was upset, but not where he had to go home, and our call made it even better. He happily went back to class, and while I was desperate to hug him, I was thrilled it was a successful resolution… but I did call dh to advise him to keep an ear out as I’d suggested they call dad if anything else happened during the remainder of the day. And that call never came, ds’s day ended up being fine, and he went into class today without any further upset. Score another one for the third to last day of the school year!

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