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The Sleep Pool

Posted on: December 4, 2008

There isn’t one yet, but I’m thinking of making one. Want in?

I don’t sleep well most nights. Not unusual for a mom, so bear with me while I whine. I’m tired.

Ds doesn’t sleep throughout the night. As he’s grown older, he’s gotten better, but we’re still not there yet. He still has night terrors, nightmares, and he sleepwalks. He’s loud, and sometimes yells. He also talks throughout the night, scripting television shows, movies, or conversations/arguments he’s had with kids at school, or with his sister. Did I mention he’s loud and yells?

On top of it, despite a regular schedule of working out — I run a 5k four or five times a week on a treadmill with varying inclines, gotta stay in shape so I’m around a long time — I don’t sleep well. Sure, there are nights I do okay, but I often wake around 2am and can’t get back to sleep. The list of things I need to do is always bouncing around in my head, like most moms. But, then ds shows up next to dh’s side of the bed, “Dad, I had a nightmare.”

We can get him back to bed once, sometimes, depending on the severity of his nightmare. We can tell by his voice if it’s worth a shot, or if we just let him climb in bed with us. California King beds are worth every penny. We discourage him telling us about the dream then, for fear he wakes up even more, but I’m already pretty awake by then.

It’s 11pm right now. He’s asleep, only talking in his sleep once so far. If I had to guess, I’m going to say I’ll get six hours of sleep tonight. Sounds like a good number, a fair number. I’ll take it. I’m off to bed now to see if it really happens. (But first, off to play tooth fairy.)


3 Responses to "The Sleep Pool"

UGH, i feel ya! Lately my worries have been waking me at 4am! If I get to sleep at 10:30/11-ish, that is NOT enough for me. My really sensitive system needs at LEAST 7, usually 8. I am pretty close to being wrecked right now!
Hope it gets better for you! Sleep well!

Oh wow. I’m so sorry. You must be exhausted, all the time. I’m in awe of your running regime, though. That’s amazing!

hi thanks for your comment on my blog. We were worried about Giovanni using it as an excuse but in the end we had no choice as he started to think he wasn’t normal and was becoming a little depressed as school was becoming a problem. I can so relate to this blog. They told be that only a small handful of children with Aspergers have sleep problems. ( meaning kaledoscope where my son was assessed) most people I speak to say there children sleep ok. But my sons sleep is one off the hardest things we deal with. As a baby he slept right though the night we would joke and call him lazy. By the age off 3 things had really changed. Giovanni is 8 now and even on school nights he doesn’t sleep to after 12am sometimes he is still sitting up in bed at 4am no tv nothing. He just makes bus noises and repeats the bus stops and station names over and over. School become a massive problem and my lack of sleep made me depressed and my little girl begain to suffer to. His sleeping is still bad but we sometimes have good nights like yourself a good night is 6 hours sleep. My son has been but forward for the sleep clinic. You could ask about this. It’s like an year and half wait though. Good luck with everything I will look forward to Reading more of your post:)

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