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My Smile is Broken

Posted on: December 4, 2008

A few days ago, while we were camping, ds lost the first of three currently loose teeth. He was really anxious about it, asking us daily if today was the day, is it loose enough, and other similar worries. In the end, we found out he was very worried about it coming out while he was asleep, where he would either swallow it or choke on it. We assured him this was unlikely, but were relieved when it came out while playing cards with dad in the RV. One tooth down.

Tonight, his second loose tooth came out. He was eating pizza, a favorite, and the tooth started to bleed. While rinsing his mouth out in the sink, with the drain plug in, the tooth fell out into the water. I rescued the tooth, so he could let the reddish water drain, and he continued to rinse. Trauma over, right?

He disappeared right after. I found him curled up on his bed, in a little ball way in the back. No whimpers, nothing. A little prodding later, he tells me that his smile is broken. <Insert appropriate mom “awwwwww” here. Now you know what I did.> I thought I had him calmed and realizing that his beautiful, unique smile was perfectly as it should be…and that the bottom and top matched because the two missing teeth were in the same spot on each. Turns out, I didn’t quite alleviate all his concerns, but it got better. I caught him staring at his teeth in the mirror frequently the duration of the evening, but no more tears and hiding. Let’s hope tomorrow morning is as successful. He already has a dentist appointment next week because the upper adult teeth appear to be coming in in very weird places, but I’m no dentist.


1 Response to "My Smile is Broken"

What a cute comment, even though he was concerned when he made it. Sounds like you’ve reassured him, though… I actually “helped” my daughter’s loose tooth come out this morning, so the fairy will be busy tonight.

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