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Uncluttering We Will Go

Posted on: November 12, 2008

We recently decided we’re going to make our playroom into ds’s bedroom. He’s been sharing his room with his older brother, but it’s time for a change. Ds refuses to sleep in his own bed, and wants to sleep on the futon in the playroom nightly; the playroom is directly outside of our bedroom. If you can’t bring Mohammed to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed, eh?

Ds had a neuro appt this afternoon (seizure free for 9 mths!!) but between last night and after, I spent hours going through the playroom from top to bottom. Literally, top of the cabinets, by the ceiling, to under the futon. Boxes and boxes, piles and piles, tons and tons…okay, so maybe pounds and pounds of stuff was relegated to the garage. Not sure yet if it means a garage sale or a trip to the shelter dropoff. It’s all in good shape — I filled a monster-sized street garbage can with broken things or games with missing pieces. Major work to cull out only the things that ds/dd will play with, or board games that we’ll all play. (And wow, do we have a lot of those, I really need to use them now that they’re dusted off.)

Then, the bedroom. The closet. Argh. I pulled out about eight boxes — shoe boxes, Disneyland hard plastic lunchboxes, other miscellaneous cases — full of dominos, little dragon toys, military ammo for G.I. Joe sets, legos. Sounds great, right? Except they were all mixed together. Just when I’d move the last pile of boxes, move them to the ‘goes on a different shelf’ pile, a marble would fall out of the Hot Wheels box.

Sad thing was that so many of these things were dusty. I realized that ds was hanging onto things, and sorting in his own way (he’s always been a line-up, sort into piles kind of kid) and I needed to complete this before he arrived home from school and saw the travesty I was making of his ‘organization.’ He did yell when he initially saw the playroom, but more out of confusion. He’s very routine-oriented, likes things in the same place, same way, every time. Then he went through the tons of donateable toys and pulled out five things in a heartbeat. Five things he just had to have. And two of them? Dusty as could be. So what did we do? Go through the ‘playhouse,’ a space under the stairs, off the garage, clean it out (got rid of a TON of stuff there, too) and put the five things under there.

Anyway….a couple of hours later and ds has moved on. He’s excited about the idea of a new room, and insisting on his opportunity for privacy. He’s walked past the monster pile in the garage, and now that those five things are put aside, he’s only pulled one thing out…a blow up dragon. It’s right next to toys he’s played with for years, but he wants the dragon.

Things change. Kids grow. (Wahhhhhh.) The time for re-organization comes, but none of it really hits you until your special needs child, the one you’ve hugged and cuddled every opportunity you can, the one you tear up when he has a rough day and laugh hysterically when the word ‘oops’ makes him giggle..none of it really hits you until that sweet little chubby-cheeked (covered in rash) child says “Mom, I’m growing up now.”

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