Autism Watch: 2007

Bam! I’m a wrestler!

Posted on: October 12, 2008

And it was going so well…

Once upon a time, it was a quiet afternoon. Dh was at Costco, and my daughters were reading, napping, just hanging out in their room. Older ds was at his friend’s house.



High-pitched screaming. Banging. Yelling. More banging.

Peace. Tranquility. Quiet. Gone.

Ds quickly made his way downstairs and it escalated. He went into a rage like I’ve not seen him do in weeks. Don’t get me wrong, he gets mad still and has his meltdowns and tantrums, but this was worse than any in a while. It took a while to get him into the crying stage, beyond the screaming stage, through the throwing everything he could grab stage, beyond self-injurious stage, and completely past the hurting mommy stage. At one point, he lunged me from beyond and jumpd on my back and head like a crazy monkey from a bad, b-grade movie. It took older dd to get him off my back, with me prying his hands out of my hair. My glasses made it out unscathed, because I’m good at ducking but mainly because I tossed them off in the 4-seconds dd held him after she got him off my back. And no marks!

He’s out front playing football with dh, after a while of self-constructed O.T. spinning on the swing out back. He’s not going to be on the computer again until Wednesday — that’s a computer exile because the reason for his meltdown was that the computer had some issue in the midst of him playing it.

Life is good.

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