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You Know That Face?

Posted on: September 26, 2008

You know what I mean, that face. THAT face. The face that says “I’msomadIamshakingandoutofcontrol.” The face that you don’t want to see.

Well, I got to see it today. And so did a boatload of other school children and a handful of teachers.

First, let me preface by saying that I wasn’t sure up until 4-5 minutes before I had to leave, so to say I wasn’t really ready to leave the house was putting it mildly. No make-up touch-up, and I get to the parking lot and realize that omg I finally did what I always dreaded…forget to change out of the ‘never the house in these’ shorts, the pair with cut-off hems due to them hanging by a thread…unevenly cut off, I’ll just throw in. The sides don’t even match. And they’re wearing a little thin in a few places. But they’re so comfortable! I just plain-out stupidly forgot I had them on. You see where I’m going here, right?

Everyone always says to wear clean underwear in case you’re in a crash. Well, that wasn’t a problem, but the other truth people forget to warn their kids about is that the one time they’re least prepared to face someone of importance, or even anyone, they will have to.

This day is on the heels of standing at the gate to drop him off on Wednesday, in my Mercury Poisoning: Kid Tested, FDA Approved black t-shirt with a big hypodermic needle on it, with my son who was flossing his teeth due to a terrifying fear/anxiety that he was going to have to have surgery because two of his teeth were too close together and ripe for a cavity if he doesn’t floss. (I just realized I never blogged about this lovely memory. I guess I figure it will go down in infamy because I won’t forget the irony of it — me wearing a shirt that says Autism in big letters on the back, him flossing his teeth without a care in the world….and people understandably looking.)

So now that I’ve ramped up the suspense — I wait, and wait, and wait some more, and no ds. Finally, when the hallways are clearing out, kids standing here and there, no longer stampeding, I see ds tear around the corner from his classroom, hair flying. Oh how cute, he’s hurrying, he misses mom. Ha. Naive me. A second later I realize his face is bright red, and that sound I hear? It’s him screaming. (And yelling some words about his level of anger. I’ll leave that part out.) I grab his hand, try to talk him down, nothing. Back to the class we go, we can’t go home like this, especially on a Friday. It needs to be cleared up, for his satisfaction and mine, and the teacher’s, as I suspected he’d run off before he was supposed to, before the rest of his class. And I was right.

Long story short, he’d had another issue with a boy in his class. When this happens, he obsesses about the situation all night long, all weekend long. We’ve finally got him somewhat agreeing that he gets five minutes to rant (within reason) and then he has to move on with something else. We spent some time with his teacher, who is wonderful. I felt bad, I didn’t realize at first that I could have easily been expected to fly off the handle; with this being the first real issue of this nature, she had no idea of how I’d handle it. But, we’re a team, I really believe that, and working together as we did is so important. We left a while later, ds satisfied, a plan of action in place for him to prevent recurrence, and him having it reiterated that he can’t run off and has to communicate with his teacher when he’s having a difficulty.

So people keep asking me how his school’s going. I say good. Academically, he’s kicking some serious butt. He loves math, and his spelling also seems to come so naturally. In fact, he wants harder work, and his teacher’s going to help us on that. But is school really going good? I guess everything’s subjective. In comparison to what it could be, what it’s been at times in the past, yes, it’s going good. Is that enough though? I want him to have a good time. How do I make that happen?

On that note, I’ve got to go pack. It’s my birthday tomorrow, and my husband’s planned a getaway. I have no idea to where or what we’re doing, but I know he had me pick out a couple of bottles of wine, some CDs, and pack my bathing suit. Sounds good to me!

2 Responses to "You Know That Face?"

UGH. I hate those days when our kids come out of school so upset and we have to run around and do damage control. I’m glad you figured out what happened so you can have a peaceful weekend.

Happy early birthday to you! I hope you have a fantastic time with your hubby! You deserve it! 🙂

Happy Birthday! You definitely deserve the R&R!

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