Autism Watch: 2007

And so it begins.

Posted on: June 13, 2008

Summertime. I look forward to it each year: kids sleeping in, not having to make lunches, put out clothes, organize backpacks, sign papers, hearing the kids giggle, playing, cuddling, etc. But by the end of day one, it had already begun…”it” being the difficulties that my younger two present whenever forced to co-exist without planned regular activities.

This week’s a bit different, so I do have hope that it will get easier, that this week’s an anomaly. Then again, I am probably just being overly optimistic. My older son graduates high school tomorrow, and we’re having a party a few hours after the ceremony. (This is a ‘what was I thinking?” moment.) We have another grad party to attend in an hour, and one in between our son’s ceremony and party that’s going to be just a quick drop-in. So, we’ve been busy preparing. Lots of food prep, cleaning, shopping. I’m sure he’s picking up on the stress and reacting to that and the change in his daily routines and environment.

I took him and my 13 yos out to lunch today at Rainforest Cafe. LOVE this place, but it’s sensory-overload on a good day. Two minutes after we place our order, Barnacle Boy decides that he doesn’t like that dd has done the MadLibs first, asking me the questions. Major flipout. I finally get him semi-calm, sequestered in a chair away from the table where he could make his mad face and cross his arms as much as he wanted without upsetting anyone else. I go to look at an aquarium to distract him, and smack, there goes the ketchup bottle. Thank God RC uses plastic containers now. Fifteen minutes later, he looks up at me and says “I’m happy now,” accompanied by a big hug and the sweetest smile I’d seen all day. Ahhhh, gotta love his mood swings.

At this point, I’m most worried about getting through ds’s grad ceremony tomorrow morning. Beyond that, we’ll see. T-minus 15 days before we leave for vacation, wish us luck.

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