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Of Pinwheels and Wind

Posted on: April 21, 2008

On Saturday, I took ds on a trip to the library. That may not sound like much, but trust me, it’s a big deal. BIG deal. First I have to get him to agree to go; then I have to actually get him to go. Once he goes, I have to hope he cooperates. Actually checking out books is like step #37. Still, I prevailed. Once in the children’s section, he told me, in no uncertain terms, that he was a ‘big kid, responsible.’ Based on that, I left him in the children’s reading area. He was SO proud. What he didn’t know is that I was less than 10′ away, with total visibility, sitting at a computer checking where the books I wanted were located. After I made my list, we hit up the children’s chapter book section where he was thrilled to learn that Junie B. Jones books were available for checkout. Lots of them. Who knew there were so many?

After choosing four chapter books, we headed to my section, where ds insisted on sitting at a table reading “Boss of Lunch” while I gathered my books. After much reassurance from ds that he’d be “fine,” I left him at a table in the midst of my section. Again, with total visibility, and he’d have had to pass me to leave. But he didn’t. He was glued to Junie B. Jones. Glued. I’d go so far as to say he was disappointed when it was time to go to the checkout counter…until he realized he could be my helper and put the books on the scanner.

Fast forward a few minutes, and we walked to Starbucks where he orded his favorite drink, using one of his nicknames. At least the cashier got a laugh. Then on to Bath & Body Works, but we were sidelined by a visit to the Earth Day fair in the quad, where a local utility company was giving out pinwheels. “Would you like a pinwheel?” “You mean, for free? Of course!” And there it began. Other than being asleep and at school, the pinwheel hasn’t left his hand. The walk to the car from Bath & Body Works, where he ran back and forth at the door, putting the pinwheel in the wind, was one of the funnest moments with my son in a long while. Not only was he just plain happy, but it was innocent. There was no autism. There were no mood swings. There were no behaviors attracting nasty looks from others. Just innocence. He swung the pinwheel around, blew it, turned it every which way, and just watched it blow in the wind. I wish that walk had lasted five times as long.

We live in a wind tunnel. I’m always the one complaining that my rose bushes are decimated, my huge barbecue and glass table blown over, and the leaves torn off my trees…yet now ds can take his pinwheel out back and stare mesmerized for such a long time. Thank God for the wind.

1 Response to "Of Pinwheels and Wind"

Ahhhhhh, don’t you love those moments? How wonderful when everything clicks and life is just good.

Junie B. is big here too. I find her terribly annoying and a bit “big for her britches,” as my Dad would say. I suppose I’m getting old. 😉 But boy, does C just LOVE those books.

And what it is about those pinwheels? Same reaction here with those things.

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