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Go Dr Jerry Kartzinel!

Posted on: March 11, 2008

It’s amazing to me today that the vast numbers of children who are not the same after the vaccines are simply ignored by the CDC and doctors who say there is no credible reason proof that vaccines contribute to autism. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT GOING TO TAKE??

I watched Dr. Jerry Kartzinel on TV this morning — I wish I could have a transcript of his explanation about vaccines and just repeat it to anyone who refuses to at least look at stats and educate themselves on the real ingredients in vaccines, or to at least be on board with understanding why other parents want vaccines redone. His words explain it like no other, and makes sense. It makes SENSE.

 We parents know our children. We can tell when they’re one way on one day, and then an entirely different child from a vaccine (or vaccines) and beyond. How is that not proof that there is something going on? Why are we not credible enough to believe? If it was just a few of us, that’d be one thing, but we’re talking thousands upon thousands upon thousands. Numbers like that can’t be ignored…yet we are.

One child out of 150 children — 1 out of 94 boys — is on the autism spectrum. Something is causing that. There’s no such thing as a genetic epidemic, and these are kids that for the most part, were developing normally (maybe with some eccentricities) until a certain age. With these numbers, it IS an epidemic. If these kids were dying, something would be done. The public outcry would be horrible. But because they’re simply dealing with communication, behavioral, sensory and social issues, it’s not worth it. (I say that with much, much sarcasm.)

I don’t need something else to get upset about. It’s been a rough day already — but how can I not? What’s it going to take? How can these doctors stand up there on tv or say anywhere publicly that vaccines are safe, all kids should get them all, and we need to do them to prevent mass illnesses..that’s saying that my son, and any other child out there with autism, is an acceptable casualty. Who is willing for their child to be the acceptable casualty?

I’m not, and I will join the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of other parents who know that our children being fine before a vaccine, but never the same after, is not okay. It’s not a coincidence. Stats this high aren’t coincidence. It’s not paranoia. It’s not trying to blame something. It’s fact — toxins are not good for our children, and there are toxins in vaccines. Fact is also that vaccines can be made safely, and given on a better schedule. Why wouldn’t everyone be okay with that? Oh, yeah, money. It’s all about the dollar…and we’ll just leave us parents to foot the bill for their vaccine-damaged children.

I almost can’t watch the news on it anymore. Few newscasts are unbiased, and there’s always one doctor who has to refute it….yet there is no definitive proof that it doesn’t contribute to autism either. You don’t hear that on the news, do you?

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The issue of childhood vaccinations is important to the both of us.

I’ve just launched a new site for the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice. We are working to repeal 4 new vaccine mandates for Sept. 2008 and to pass a NJ law for Conscientious Exemption from Mandatory Vaccinations.

Please consider adding a link to this site to the home page of your blog – this would really help to spread the word about this cause by increasing our search engine rankings as well as showing other
people interested in this issue where to go to learn more and make a difference.

Just add link to or get link code or graphics from

Thank you so much! If you have any questions contact me, Lisa

Mazzuca at

While there are alot of pros and cons about vaccines there still remains one clear cut undeniable fact. Thimerosal is 49.6% ethyl mercury by weight, and mercury in ANY FORM is the second most toxic substance known to human beings on the face of this planet! It is long past time to ban the use of thimerosal and anything containing mercury!

Hello Mark,

You are wrong.

Thimerosal hasn’t been used in vaccinations in the US since 2001. Denmark and Sweden stopped using thimerosal decades before that however.

If thimerosal did cause autism then the US should have more cases of autism (as a percentage of population). When we check the numbers we see that is no statistically significant difference between the autism rates of those countries.

Also, the fact about mercury being the second most toxic substance on the planet is obviously bogus. If you were to say element instead of substance you may have been right but I still doubt that. I expect the alkali metals, arsenic and any element above 84 are more lethal to humans. Most snake venoms require a far smaller dose to kill a human than a dose of mercury.

You seem to see the world in a binary manner but it’s not that simple. Too much silver is poisonous to humans and yet plasters contain silver! Oh my Jeebus, should we ban silver too? No, because in small amounts it actually helps fight off infection by killing bacteria.

Anyway, just hoping to cure you of a little bit of ignorance.

As an fyi, Ben, they stopped putting thimerasol in vaccinations in 2001, but the vaccines that had already been made remained on the shelves for what could be years due to the preservative agent in them…ironically, the preservative is the thimerasol. Children were continued to receive vaccines with it in them for quite some time, so the date is a real misnomer and can’t be used as an effective measurement of ‘before’ or ‘after.’ So if we’re looking to cure of a little bit of ignorance, I wanted to add that to the conversation.


I like to link up with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. I live in Canada and I have a lovely 10 yrs old son with autism.

Anxious parent.


Since Dr. Jerry Kartzinel has “cured” Jenny McCarthy’s son, have you pursued his “treatment” with yours? If so, then maybe you can write about the results.

Actually, they say ‘recovered,’ not ‘cured.’ Much like when you survive a major fall, you won’t necessarily ever be the same but you can recover. You may have to take meds now and then to feel better, but people couldn’t point you out as a person who had major injuries. And yes, I have pursued some similar treatment with my son, and I have written about the results. He’s better in so many ways. So I still say, go Dr. Jerry Kartzinel! 😉

My son is a patient of Dr. Kartzinel, and I can testify that what he is doing works. After nine months of treatment, I have a different child. One who looks me in the eye, who engages me in conversation, and who for the first time in his life, has friends. I kick myself for not contacting his office sooner.

Dr.Jerry saved my son’s life. He is no longer on the spectrum,after 1.5 year of treatment with Dr. Jerry.

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