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Latest Autism News Articles

Posted on: February 26, 2008

My favorite? Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court-Now What? (Huffington Post)

Already, people who don’t believe that thimerasol could be even one cause of autism are denying the credibility, but does that even matter at this point? The word is out. Others are reading and learning, wondering and researching. The truth that there is a relation is slowly making its way out, and it’s too late to stop it now.

Autism is caused by a toxin; put a toxin in a young body that’s genetically predisposed to being affected by it, and autism is one thing that could happen. Why is that so hard to understand? Add in that thimerasol is sub-form of mercury, a toxin, and it was in vaccines up through the early 2000s, and that should make it even easier to understand. It’s also in flu shots. Still. The same flu shots that doctors suggest all children, elderly and many pregnant women get. Even if it doesn’t cause autism, why is it in anything that can be put in a human body, particularly when it’s no longer in dog vaccinations or mascara, and we’re told to not eat too much fish because it has mercury in it?

And this one is just scary: CBS5 Investigates: Woman Promises Autism Cure  Do doctors ever promise a cure? Are they ever supposed to? Mighty expensive cure, and if there’s a real ‘cure,’ why doesn’t the rest of the world know it? Why isn’t it available to everyone, at a price people can afford?

Autism’s Origins: Mother’s Antibody Production May Affect Fetal Brain: Interesting theory, and I like how it mentions if a child was pre-disposed, as well as this just being another trigger or cause, not THE reason for autism.  (Science Daily)

Lots of stuff going on in the world of autism. I wish I could translate that into some immediate help though, too — I’ve got a little guy who wets himself numerous times daily. Finding what causes autism is only part of the problem.

4 Responses to "Latest Autism News Articles"

Thank you for sharing this info
and your passion for autism.
I join you in the hope that soon a real
discovery and cure will be identified!
Keep up the valuable work and info sharing.

Greetings. I’ll be stopping by here in the future. We have son with autism and I’m not certain that he’s getting the help that he needs. He’s 13 years old, unimaginably strong, usually cooperative, but sometimes (like this morning) not cooperative.

It was suggested to me recently that I open up a place on my blog to begin talking about issues involving autism, since it affects every aspect of life in our household. I’m seriously thinking about it as the national rate is now 1 in 150 births.

Thanks for staying on this topic.


My daughter runs a day care center and has some children in her center who have autism. She has developed a interest in the subject, so we started a web site which will help parents deal with this situation. We are trying to put together avenues for parents, teachers, etc, to find information, toys, and educational publications.

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