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When Katie Wright Speaks…

Posted on: January 15, 2008

…people are listening. More and more. Not enough yet, so if you haven’t read her latest, read it here: Age of Autism: Katie Wright on Autism Speaks’ Grants.

I don’t like to say that anyone speaks for me, but I’ve wanted to scream so many of the things she said. The contradictions in the medical field and/or government entities supposedly designed to ‘help’ our kids…there are no words, they just amaze me. All I can hope is that people will be willing to pull their head out of the sand, be willing to at least consider that it makes no sense that it’s recommended that mercury not be in mascara but it’s okay in a flu shot. Be open-minded to realize that parents of autistic children shouldn’t need to sit and do little to nothing to help their children so we try alternative things, and many of those children are recovering. I can hope people will at least be willing to say “Not for me, but more power to them.” Be willing to acknowledge that any positive change in a child is better than none, and is reason enough to try ‘extreme’ (but not really) things. Be willing to realize that doctors don’t know it all. (Remember thalidomide? Lots of deformed children before the government had to acknowledge that a ‘safe’ medication truly wasn’t.) Above all, be willing we just love our children and want the best for them, just like everyone. And maybe, just maybe, that giving small children that many vaccines, in that short period of time, is no longer safe…after all, kids of today are the guinea pigs. What looks good on paper may just not look good in the developing body/brain of a small child, or a child genetically pre-disposed (which not all kids are) to auto-immune or other dysfunctions.

So thanks to Katie Wright for speaking up and sharing her thoughts, many of which are unpopular in the medical profession because they MAKE SENSE and would require a complete directional change. In other words, those ideas will cost money and possibly put focus on things that people would rather not be in the microscope.

And, let’s be real — how many parents of autistic children here have been contacted by an autism organization so they could offer you help? I frequently get mail from AS…asking for money. Does it make sense to fund all the genetic research and other ridiculous research on the backs of those who need their money to pay for treatments and therapies for their own autistic children, because insurance companies don’t want to pay and because there are SO many autistic children anymore, that waiting lists for free/funded services are years long? I can’t support research that won’t help my child in the slightest, though I do have a hope that my grandchildren’s risk of autism is less at least.

I did attend a wonderful seminar by AS a year or so ago, with a doctor who shared extremely helpful information. It was ironic, imo, that this speaker was funded by AS but no studies are being funded in that same direction. Why not?

I’m not against research, nor am I against vaccinations. I’m against research that’s a waste of money and time, and doesn’t come close to helping those affected with the disorder now. I’m against vaccinations with enough garbage that it takes over a page to list all the ingredients, pushed so closely together that the child’s body has no time to recuperate, and that have ingredients that are considered poisonous/hazardous in any other use. When will the public begin to see that options are available — vaccines can be spaced out, safely, and without all those ingredients, but it’s a question of money. Who wouldn’t pay to ensure their child doesn’t become the 1 in 150, or the 1 boy in 94 that won’t develop autism?


2 Responses to "When Katie Wright Speaks…"

All I can say is “Amen, sister!” I have said often that “Autism Speaks does NOT speak for me”. I, too, find it ironic that not one autism group has called to offer help, but yet they gladly accept my dwindling dollars that I scrape off the bottom of my barrel for my son’s therapy.

Argh… it is SO frustrating when the “higher ups” just don’t get it!

Loved this entry. I want to read more!

Michelle aka “The Beartwinsmom”

This is very hot information. I’ll share it on Digg.

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