Autism Watch: 2007

And so it continues

Posted on: January 7, 2008

My sweet cuddly little boy woke up five minutes before his new Spongebob alarm clock went off (ukelele sounds, no less) and I found him dressing himself. Cool, right? Except he was dressing himself in camoflage shorts and his school’s ‘spirit’ shirt, which is supposed to be worn on Friday. I remind him that it’s okay for now, since we’ll be cuddling under the blanket on the couch until breakfast time (a batch of dairy/casein-free pancakes I made last night) but that he’ll have to change in time for school. After all, it was maybe 35 degrees out as I made this request. I can see the snow on the foothills behind our house, and the heat is kicking on/off consistently. I should have wondered then if he’d really be okay, but he was still being so sweet, so cuddly…

Fast forward 20 minutes, as he finished eating some pancakes (it would be and understatement to say he wolfed them down), and I started suggesting..quietly, hesitantly, gently..that he get dressed into appropriate clothes. Click. The switch went off and the dam broke. All the anger available came flying out of this little guy in a rage. Hitting, screaming, yelling, all came out in a rush. We eventually got him to school, dd driving and me holding the shoes that he kept throwing as I tried to get them on him. A quick meet with the teacher and his one-on-one to explain the morning, and off I went. I did try to say goodbye to him, but his little head just nodded. He refused to look at me, and no words came out. Sad way to have to leave a child at school in the morning.

The mood has continued even after he gets home from school. The littlest things are setting him off, and the yelling starts up again. A warm bath. Some nice warm cinnamon apples. Cuddle time. Temporary reprieves. And it’s only 6:30pm. What caused the sudden bouts of anger? Not sure, but we’re hoping to help him calm himself without anymore yelling, and to figure out what’s causing it. We’re visiting Disneyland on Wednesday for dd’s birthday — we’ll definitely be getting the special guest assistance pass again, and this will be our first trip being casein-free, wish us luck.


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