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Forgotten Supplements=Disaster

Posted on: January 6, 2008

This past Friday was a mess. An all out noisy tantruming yelling biting screaming kicking headbutting throwing mess. In fact, the word “mess” doesn’t begin to adequately describe it, but for the purposes of this blog, it’ll have to do. Mess. Period.

It all started normal enough. Typical upsets about typical small things. Then wham-o. Ds wanted dd to play Zelda with him, a certain way, and it quickly escalated. Instantly, well, not instantly because you’re trying to clear your ears and shake off the boo-boos, but pretty close to instantly you’re thinking “what in the world is causing this?” Then it hit me — we’d not been so consistent with his supplements the prior 5-6 days. Different times of day, and some days, he refused to eat them at all.

So, immediately back on the supplements, without fail, and he’s once again back to far less tantrums. That doesn’t mean there have been no meltdowns, but they are less extreme and much less frequent.

Supplements are laughed off by many doctors still, but a few days before/after, and I think they’d change their tune.


2 Responses to "Forgotten Supplements=Disaster"

Maybe I haven’t read enough of your blog to find the answer myself, so excuse me if that’s the case, but which supplements are you guys using? We are about to begin TACA’s 10 week transition to GFCF, but I feel like I need to have all ducks in a row before we begin. I’d love any advice on the subject. And I really like your blogroll—I have GFCF Mommy on mine as well.


Hi, Linda — we’re using probiotics, multivites, No-Fenol, Vit C, and I have biotin and B6 ready to go, but until I can get the multivites down, I’m not adding anything else. We noticed the biggest improvements within days of the multivites (from Kirkman Labs, the chewable wafers) and it motivated us to try more, but suddenly he just refuses them. If it’s not one thing..

TACA’s site is THE best at helping with beginning the GFCF diet. Best of luck to you!

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