Autism Watch: 2007

Switching Personas

Posted on: January 1, 2008

Four days post-nitrous, and ds is pretty much himself. The only real difference we’re seeing is a serious increase in his interest in being a wolf. Yes, a wolf. He doesn’t go outside and howl, doesn’t chase small animals or eat from the ground, but he insists on being a wolf who is tremendously house-trained. His wolf watches tv with us, cuddles in his blanket, plays Wii and takes a shower instead of ds. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to when the wolf appears — this morning, it was at shower time. It is hair washing day, and ds wouldn’t get in unless we let him leave and have the wolf take the shower instead. Okay, small compromise…but it doesn’t end there. The wolf continues to take his place during many things around the house, and it’s sort of creepy. See, the wolf is non-verbal. Our son is very verbal. The wolf grunts and points and gestures…but he also doesn’t yell at us. The timing is odd, too, in that mid-stream dinner, ds runs off and the wolf returns. Here, there, everywhere. Is there any harm in it? Not sure yet, as he’s maintaining mainly a calm demeanor with far less tantrums. Having an active imagination is a good thing, but where do you draw the line? (And will he try this at school next week?)

Right now, ds is laying on the floor by the fireplace playing his Nintendo DS next to his 12 yo sister, also playing hers. Rain is coming, supposedly for several days, so I’m hoping to head into our rainy season with a lot of things to occupy his time…or the wolf’s time. ;)


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