Autism Watch: 2007

Mandatory Flu Shots?

Posted on: December 12, 2007

This is just scary. I’ve been watching and reading as this whole process has transpired, and I guess I should be glad not to see the word “jail” in this whole article, but there’s something seriously wrong with the government being legally allowed to enforce administration of a known toxin into my child…particularly on top of a bill that that protects vaccine/pharma companies from any litigation due to problems with their vaccinations.

Flu Shots for Children Grow Near in New Jersey (The New York Times)

At some point, the government has forgotten these are our children. It’s hard to get autism treatment paid for and/or covered by insurance, yet the government wants to possibly increase the risk of autism? At what cost?

Scary stuff here. For the sake of every child, all over the U.S., this has to be stopped.


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