Autism Watch: 2007

Right on the edge

Posted on: December 2, 2007

Do you ever feel like your child’s right on the edge, and it won’t take but one more teeny tiny thing to push him right into oblivion, the land of unreachable reason?

Today my son’s got a friend over. Awesome, yes? Yes, but he’s been on the edge the last few days, several days where we’ve said he’s ‘just not quite right.’ Off. Easily upset. All those nice little names for saying he’s two seconds away from a major tantrum that will have him screaming, crying and hurting himself. Not that he hasn’t screamed and yelled these last few days — we’ve had plenty of that — but he hasn’t done all three together in a few days now. So when the phone rang and another child wanted to add himself into the mix, I had to say no. I felt bad, but I knew that would not just double or triple the chance for issues, but quadruple it, at best. As it was, we had a lot of “But I want to xxx and he doesn’t…” moments, but they managed to co-exist and neither wanted to end the afternoon early.

This week, we need to get ds a blood test. If you hear screaming, that’s him. I hate it, but it’s necessary. We also need to squeeze in all our Christmas shopping, go to Disney for his birthday, visit his awards ceremony at school and take cupcakes (and don’t forget the required healthy snack) for a school birthday party…and the best part of all, we start his new program on Tuesday night. I can’t wait! Two and a half years later, and this wonderful behavioral program starts. Long wait, but well-worth it! Then he has his birthday party weekend, but unless you’re going to RSVP for it, maybe don’t talk to me about it. Why? NO one has RSVP’d. We invited over 3o children, and the only ones that have told me yay or nay are two parents I happened to run into. My heart will break for him if people don’t come. Why don’t people RSVP anymore? And can his whole class really not be coming, or will they just not RSVP? It’s okay if they don’t, at this point, I just want my little guy to have friends at his party.

Have a good week of holiday preparation!


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