Autism Watch: 2007

I’m freakin’ tired of freakin’ waiting in this freakin’ place!

Posted on: November 27, 2007

No, it wasn’t me saying that.  I’m not a big happy wait-er, but I don’t yell like that. Okay, not usually at least…

I took my son to the neurologist today. We have a good neuro, but sometimes the wait is a bit long. What can a neuro do for a child with autism? Quite a bit actually, and we’re lucky to have one that we like. Anyway, we got there about 20 minutes early so I was glad I’d brought the Gameboy. Unfortunately, all 317 games in the Gameboy case were ‘boring,’ so he found several things in the lobby to keep him busy.

  • Standing at the receptionist’s desk making popping noises with his mouth
  • Staring through the mail slot into the hallway by the doctor’s office
  • Squeezing the fake stomach in the acid reflux medication advertisement model 
  • Playing “no, you can’t get me, Mom!” in the waiting room, while running around chairs in the empty areas
  • Sticking the entire ring pop in his mouth, ring part and all, while making loud licking sounds

When all those activities ran their course, the yelling started. Don’t worry, I did tell him to stop yelling ‘freakin.’ I’m not sure how the other patients felt about his outbursts, he was getting some looks from all those ‘healthy’ people waiting to see the neurologist after us. I then took him to the restroom, we sat back down, and blessedly we were called right in. Phew.

Ds has to get a panel of blood tests — he’s got unexplained leg/foot pain that won’t go away, resulting in quick leg fatigue and fits when we have to walk or stand for any length of time…say, more than 5 minutes. Let’s hope this blood test gets us going in the right direction.


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